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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Our Kids – not getting the hospital service they should

Alder Hey Children's Hospital - have they lost the plot? 

Above: Ainsdale mum, Cath Regan, with son Jason. Not impressed at the way our kids are being treated!

A leaked report into safety fears at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital has exposed "safety shortcuts" in operating theatres.

The in-house review, passed to Channel 4 News, revealed a "pressurised" staff with a "mistrust of management" feeling they work in a "hostile environment". It said "urgent action" was needed by the hospital trust.

This one is the latest news item (Feb. 2014)

Alder Hey Children's Hospital failed to meet four out of five safety standards in an inspection by a health watchdog. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected the hospital in December after being approached by staff. 

Oh yes – our family has some personal experience of this NHS fiasco.

And it's bad enough that Southport children have to go to another county for A & E treatment without all this dangerous palaver. 

First Southport parents are told to take our kids all the way to Ormskirk and then possibly to Alder Hey. Distraught parents DO NOT need messing about like this, via travelling great distances with sick children. They need help in their OWN town! 

It's all for our 'own good' we are arrogantly told by the NHS junta and 'some' of their boot-licking, supportive, quacks - but folks the latest bombshell concerning Alder Hey's secret failings indicates that it is not! 

Parents and kids are being badly let down! 

Last September I highlighted an NHS admin Cock up and little realised at the time that the situation was much worse than I had initially anticipated.

This was the gist of what was happening to my wife and son with Alder Hey Hospital at that time…

Total cock up time at Alder Hey Hospital.

Today, Cath took Jason all the way via train and taxi to Liverpool, as arranged by the NHS for an appointment. When they got there they were advised that the appointment was supposed to be in their home town of Southport. Cath was actually told by a staff member at the hospital that such errors happen 'a lot'. Thanks to this NHS, cock up Jason now has to wait perhaps a month for a new appointment.  No mention of Southport was stipulated when Cath phoned for the appointment and the initial letter received only mentioned Alder Hey. Two trains, a taxi, a lost morning's work and education, just because the NHS has forgotten that kids actually live in Southport. Complaints have already gone in and the press has been informed. Southport appears to have lost its identity and become nothing more than an insignificant district of the larger city.

Cath even spoke with Hospital Jonathan Parry (Chief Ex) back then yet the situation seemed unworkable.  

So have things improved now in February 2014?

Well no, if anything they are worse.

Cath was given a very similar run around recently with hospital admin staff having little or no clue regarding what was happening with an anticipated appointment for Jason.

The NHS and Media need to support our kids – you never know when YOU may need emergency help for your growing family!

 NB. Cath Regan is also co-chair of CARES - the hospital pressure group that fought so hard to get our lost children's and maternity services back into Southport.

Our Kids deserve better!

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