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Monday, 9 December 2013

More Distress for Woodvale's Sandbrook Way Community

Monday, 9 December 2013 - update. 

This water leak has been gushing for several days. The surrounding ground is sandy and the problem seems to be getting worse. Local residents  are understandably very anxious... 

Concerned local resident Cath Regan rang the Council and United Utilities about this issue. 

United Utilities informed Cath that the problem had been reported only 30 minutes before she had contacted them and that they were visiting the site this afternoon (9 December 2013 )

Incidentally, 'Sovini' workers for One Vision Housing have just (2.50 pm) informed Cath that they had put a makeshift tape barrier around the leak  last Friday, as it was so bad then. United Utility workers had turned up this afternoon to repair the leak. 

Flags are also collapsing due to water pressure close to the adjacent flats. 

Have the authorities given up on this area? 

I have reported on the state of Sandbrook Way in Ainsdale before and this has also appeared in the local press...

Although some presently out-of-touch councillors have clearly missed the point entirely about Sandbrook Way's dilapidation; Cllr Haydn Preece in fact agreed that "major investment" was needed and that authorities were taking much too long to address the problems at hand.  

To be perfectly honest however; to simply create a 'feel-good' factor all that the authorities need to do for 'starters' is to replace the terribly rotten fences that elderly residents have to put up with. 

Sadly, despite me highlighting this black-spot and the Southport Visiter's support the area is now worse than ever. Fences are in a terrible condition. The panels are so rotten today that they're not even fit for firewood! 

How would local councillors like it if their parents, or grandparents,  had to live in such appalling circumstances? It just defies logic the officialdom can leave residents in such a state as this in any caring, contemporary, community! 

When areas like this on Sandbrook Way slip into such blatant decay the residents eventually lose the will to carry on. The youth also become negatively affected by such dilapidation and the situation gets out of control. 

It happens in many places and it is happening here - right now! 

I say 'again' that I am merely reporting on the ongoing situation as it stands today and as it is affecting local people - so please don't 'Shoot the messenger!' 

When will our present local councillors and the apathetic authorities get their respective acts together and actually do what they are 'paid' to do?

Woodvale deserves better and residents need 'proper' representation - NOW! 


Addendum: Workers with a mechanical digger arrived at 6.45 pm to tackle the leak. 

10 December - the leak appeared to have been halted! 

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