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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Woodvale latest highlighted by Southport Visiter


The ramshackle part of Woodvale that I highlighted in my last blog post has now been reported by the Southport Visiter 

My thanks go to the Visiter editor and staff for helping to bring these ongoing, and as yet unaddressed,  problems to prominence. 

I must reiterate that many part of Woodvale are excellent and we have some nice areas herein that do us proud. 

Nevertheless, my pressing concern for the run-down parts of Sandbrook Way etc are shared by many disgruntled residents who I regularly speak to.

I have no care or time for any party political back-biting behind the scenes. I 'know' how all that works from previous experience... My only concern if that the place is in a terrible mess and needs sorting out pronto...!

Above: rotting and broken fences on Sandbrook Way. Where the hell is the housing authority or Council who are supposed to repair such eyesores? 

Is it right that people, many who are in fact pensioners, have to live in conditions like this? 

My sincere hope is that my words herein concerning this blatant social neglect will shame the authorities into spending some time, funding and effort into addressing these concerns... 

The reality of the situation now in 2013  is plain for all to see. 

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