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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Southport's Shame

Woodvale: Southport's Forgotten Zone...

Come to 'Sunny Southport' the tourism brochures used to say. However, today they may have to add ... 

'But make sure you avoid this part like the plague...!'

For some years Woodvale, a southerly part of Southport, has been the neglected zone that many sensible folk prefer ‘not’ to enter. Numerous people have expressed sympathy for any respectable residents who live in this black spot of antisocial activity, brought on by sickening parental apathy and long-standing authoritarian neglect.

The area from the Brookdale and opposite along Sandbrook Way seems to have been omitted as being irrelevant by the local authorities.

The old Brook pub is literally falling to pieces and it is just a question of time before someone gets injured with falling woodwork etc. Who will be liable to compensate any victim?

Above: ex-councillor Brenda Porter (left) seen here with Cath Regan has fought very hard to improve the area for many years. "Woodvale deserves better" Brenda rightly stated. 

Residential pleas for clean up action have fallen on deaf ears and the only people to suffer are the beleaguered residents, many of whom are elderly and infirm.

I have personally spoken to elderly residents and they have stated their sheer despondence at having to put up with this appalling situation.Yet of course their housing authority will 'still' expect them to pay their rent on time - or else!

Above: The is what happens with years of neglect to a fence bordering elderly resident's flats on Sandbrook Way. The old lady at this house also watched terrified as local yobbos kicked the rotting fence through for fun. 

Further down the way - additional neglect. In fact the entire rotten fence along the residents' properties should be replaced, as a matter of urgency! 

It is not right that elderly people should have to tolerate such appalling conditions in Woodvale... 

Graffiti is also an issue on Sandbrook Way etc. 

Many have also noted the litter problem and it seems a long time since anyone saw a street cleaner in the area. 

I have also worked with the local press in the past about the disgraceful situation, yet it continues today. Reporter Joe Thomas wrote the following for the Southport Visiter back in January 2013, in which I am quoted.

Brookdale hot spot shock due to anti-social activity 

ONE of the surprise entrants to the top 10 of Southport’s crime hot spots this year is The Brookdale.   A small cul-de-sac off Sandbrook Road in Ainsdale, it is one of the few areas outside the town centre to feature in the top 10.   On closer analysis of the figures the reason behind The Brookdale’s prominence is anti-social behaviour – with the small street hosting crimes reported in the surrounding area, including nearby playing fields.   Anti-social behaviour appears to be the biggest threat to the security of homeowners in Southport, with reports – though down on previous years – still accounting for the majority of crimes.  Author and environmental campaigner Pat Regan, who lives near to The Brookdale, explained the issues the area faces.   He said: “The Sandbrook Road/Way area, which is opposite the Brookdale spot, does still attract quite a flurry of anti-social activity at times.   “This creates a lot of concern for the elderly residents who live in the flats on the Sandbrook Way etc.   “Much of this anti-social conduct is clearly the result of weak parenting and neglect. Gangs do hang about the shops in Sandbrook Road and around the church on the Sandbrook Way precinct and this again worries senior citizens, many who live alone, in the area.  “Sadly, the eyesore of a building on the corner of Sandbrook Road and Way has never been properly addressed, regardless of promises by politicians, and this further exacerbates the feeling of dilapidation in the area. “Some youths have little respect for property and run amok into private gardens around The Brookdale. But again a lot of this I personally blame on poor parents who have no concern about what their children get up to.  “Drinking and drugs are also problems that the politicians and police must address. I have not seen a police officer in the area for ages in fact.  The area is basically a good one but the anti-social issue is serious and must be addressed.”   Another of the surprise hot spot entries this year is the area around Ainsdale beach.  With 63 crimes reported on or near the beach it makes 10th place in the list, just one place and one crime below The Brookdale.   The figures for the beach are far harder to explain, with crimes there including violent crime and criminal damage, as well as anti-social behaviour. Official sources believe the beach’s prominence in the statistics is partly down to greater efforts to police it in the summer, with Operation Beachsafe, which ran from March to September, cracking down on criminal activity.

Since that time I believe that drug busts have occurred and various other criminal acts highlighted.

More recently the press reported on vandalism in the woods directly behind the Brookdale estate. This was later found out to be committed by young female vandals who come from the area. 

Questions must be asked. 

When are Southport authorities going to take proper action and where exactly are they?

Why do concerned people like me have to highlight this type of thing that is clearly just 'wrong?'

Most importantly, why are local Woodvale parents falling to take proper responsibility for their malicious and highly unruly children ...?

Surely in the 21st century UK  we can do better than this?


One of the biggest issues here is a woeful lack of communication between residents and authorities. I also note that the dilapidated fencing issue was never as bad during the office of ex-Councillor Brenda Porter. Alternatively, Brenda went out of her way to ensure that work was 'properly' undertaken and that residents were kept up to speed with events.

As many folk are aware, Brenda fought very hard for the residents of Woodvale and that much I can personally vouch for. 

I believe that the matter of the Brook dilapidation in currently in legal hands. Nevertheless, today local people would appreciate being put in the picture with such ongoing events.


  1. "Most importantly, why are local Woodvale parents falling to take proper responsibility for their malicious and highly unruly children ...?"

    Never, because it's always other people's children who are the problem.

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