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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Southport Countryside - who cares?

So what do the local Libdem politicians think about our ‘green and pleasant’ Southport countryside?

Crime against nature! 

Who is 'behind' the destruction of our native Southport countryside at Kew then?

Here is a little refresher about the opinions (quoted with source) of local politicians and our disappearing countryside.

Above: Maureen Fearn 

 "We have the land and we should be building on it"

Kew Cllr. Maureen Fearn, (now Sefton Mayor) 
Southport Midweek Visiter, June 1st, 2005

Above: Cllr. Fred Weavers. 

"That land has been earmarked for housing. It is the only large plot of land left in Southport to build houses.”

"I'm not sure whether using the site for car dealerships is a wise move if there's more need for extra homes."

Cllr. Fred Weavers. Southport Visiter, September 23 2005

The Southport Visiter also stated that Cllr. Weavers visited one of the local eco-campaigner's homes and said to her:

"So you're the troublemaker, are you?"

Cllr Weavers also reportedly told the lady campaigner that she as "Selfish."

Above: John Pugh MP. 

The Southport Visiter (June 1st 2005) also reported this:

 'Southport faces a serious lack of workers unless more houses are built on green belt land, the town's MP warned last night.'

Above: Libdem Lord Ronnie Fearn was 'influential' in establishing the land-eating, Kew Business Park which many believe to be an enormous and unnecessary environmental disaster for Southport.

 Lord Fearn said about the business park:

“It superb, it’s taken a while for things to take off at the park but with better advertising it seems to be picking up. It's great for employment and the economy and we welcome the plans." 

Above: Tony Dawson (now a Libdem councillor) speaking about Kew’s fragile countryside called it...

“Scrap land”

Champion newspaper letters page: 17 September 2008 

Above: beautiful countryside at Kew near Southport - of 'no' concern to local Libdem councillors... 

Some sanctimonious little councillors may regard our countryside as "scrap land" that is fit for nothing but destruction, yet many species of wildlife regard it as essential for survival.

In view of the above I must pose the serious question: 

Do Southport residents have any concern for the disappearance of our lovely countryside they 'claim' to care about? 

If they sincerely do then 'why' exactly do they continue to vote for land-wrecking-politicians who clearly have no feelings for the loss of our green spaces and the wildlife that need it for survival? 

The mind boggles! 


More revealing facts about the above situation can be found here: 

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