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Friday, 30 August 2013


A little reminder about Labour's cold attitude to our demolished Children's A&E Service in Southport...

The following extract is from the old CARES site…


Protest at Formby Hall Golf Club

(Friday 28th November, 2003)

At short notice CARES were informed that Dr John Reid, Health Secretary, was to be at Formby Hall Golf Club for a Labour Party event.

Very quickly supporters joined together and arrived at the entrance to the golf club. Police asked us to wait outside; we unrolled banners and handed out leaflets to people that were attending the event. Protesters from Liverpool’s Fazakerly Hospital were also there to protest against closures of local maternity services etc.

Cold yet determined protesters from the left to the right wing of politics were present. We were then informed that the Health Secretary would speak to us when he arrived so we thanked officials and waited patiently in the cold.

Once Dr Reid had arrived we were then informed that due to lateness he could not see us.  Obviously we were all clearly very disappointed. Everyone present held a good peaceful demonstration and did everything instructed by the police. 

One the reasons we wanted to meet with John Reid was to discuss his Labour party comments at Bournemouth on the 1st October wherein he stated:

“As long as I am Secretary of state it will remain the basic principle of Labour Government health policy- that all our fellow citizens should have equal access to health care free at the point of need.”

He continued:

“If your child or your mother was in pain and the means to relieve it quicker were available at the point of need would you refuse them it? I wouldn't  And if I wouldn't refuse that relief to my family, then I’m not going to refuse it to any other family in this country.”

CARES ask:

Why as yet are these fine and noble sentiments by Dr Reid not being followed up by effective policies within our communities?

Why  did Dr Reid originally offer to speak to CARES etc  and then approximately ten minutes later decide he was running so late that a couple of moments serious discussion about this life and death services loss situation  was out of the question?

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