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Friday, 5 July 2013

Tree vandals - but how far can they go?

The following points are 'personal' observations of mine, as a WWP volunteer...

Recent vandalism in the Woodvale's woodland has sickened many residents in the Ainsdale/Woodvale community. Nevertheless, some young female culprits have been identified and interviewed by both Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) members and Police at a nearby school... 

Whilst some good volunteers work hard to improve the areas in their free time, a minority of ‘bored’ youths take pleasure in destruction of our native woodland. 

Trees too are living things and it takes them many years to mature. They provide a great habitat for all manner of wildlife, including lovely species of song birds.

It's heart-breaking to see beautiful 40-year old trees slowly killed off, via being stripped of bark by sad little neighbourhood yobbos, who just happen to be hanging about with their pals.  

Above: Wrecking a mature tree in order to kill it is a meaningless, illegal and plainly brainless act; proving that the person who committed the vandalism is basically 100% an 'idiot'.  

These 'ever-so-clever' tree killers are, more worryingly, carrying sharp knives too, which they use to strip trees with. It does not take a genius to realise the serious danger these kids pose to themselves and other people, if the right opportunity arises. How long before a stabbing occurs? 

This is one very good reason why local residents should speak out against vandalism.

If 'YOU' know anything about youths in the woodland with knives then please speak out - it could save not only additional vandalism by also a human life! 

But can such mindless vandalism lead to more dangerous activity?

The mother of murdered child James Bulger said that the Parole Board had made the “wrong decision” by moving to release one of her son's killers.

Public outrage at this authoritarian insanity is rife. It is clear to most ordinary people that the law has descended into the realms of a sick parody of what the populace originally 'expected' it to be. Justice is now a pie in the sky dream and the previously trusted bastion of legal officialdom has let us all down badly.

The sort of uncontrollable violence that created James’s killers frequently starts in smaller, less conspicuous ways. Cruelty to small animals/pets and vandalism in dark corners, when no one is watching, seems to be favourite pastimes of the sad little morons who take pleasure in inflicting unnecessary pain on defenceless things.

Parents also have a responsibility to know what their children are getting up to and cannot hide behind the unacceptable facade of ignorance. Such apathetic parents are in fact scum of the earth and really serve very little purpose in ANY decent community other than to feed their own greedy faces! 

As a society we all have a sincere obligation to speak out when we witness such acts of violence, even if they may appear trivial!

If you have any information about local vandalism in the Woodland or other areas then please get it touch with WWP or/and the police.

Merseyside Police: 0151 709 6010 

All data will be treated with appropriate confidentiality.

Apathy and fear are breeding grounds for more social unrest so please do speak up and help us change the neighbourhood for the better!

Above: WWP members with RAF officer cadets... some people actually DO care! 


Additional WWP contact details: 

Councillor Ted Hartill:  07733041300
Pat Regan: 01704 571920 

Woodvale Community Centre 

Meadow Lane, Woodvale,
Southport, Merseyside. PR8 3RS

Telephone: 01704 573084

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