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Friday, 21 June 2013

UFO Panic at the BBC this morning with Pat Regan

By Pat Regan

21 June 2013, Update.

With the latest release of MoD UFO files, this morning my phone line was hot with BBC interest.

I was interviewed within an hour by both BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio Cumbria.

Somewhat comically, the BBC’s Cumbrian division was having techno hitches and difficulty calling me back. Eventually I got connected to interviewer Mike Zeller with me having to ring the studio back, at their request.

A tangible sense of panic was in the air as they stated they only had one pair of working headphones too… Whoops – not good for such a prominent ‘broadcasting’ company as this.

The general topic was of course about UFOs and it made a short interview, mainly due to the technical problems at their end.

The BBC Lancs division, that called me 20 minutes later, had better success and we chatted in a more leisurely fashion without any problems. 

Interviewer, Graham Liver threw a few interesting questions at me that were entertaining to answer.

Nevertheless, it seems that the media are still very much engrossed in the UFO axis. I was quick to advise that now the MoD had closed its UFO monitoring facility that the media must be a contact point for public reports regarding UFOs.

It is disturbing that we have UFOs travelling through our airspace and the military are virtually ignoring it.

This undoubtedly makes the skies above us a terrorist haven.


And minutes ago 'Granada Reports' rang to advise that they are coming to my place with a TV camera ...seems big UFO interest today in this one! 

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