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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day and the unsurpassable human spirit

This May Day summer is clearly behind schedule. Lovely yellow daffodils are late along with other flowers of springtime. 

By May Day in the north of Britain we usually have by this time seen attractive cherry tree blossom, hanging in beautiful pink clusters. However, the damp and chilly spring weather appears to be hanging on tightly at all costs. 

 Man-made calendars, so beloved of that great control freak the Church, really have no place in the natural seasonal cycle. Mother Nature will decide what is what and when the summer should genuinely commence. The so-called ‘Resurrection’ ethos found within death cults like the Church is nothing more than hollow and rehashed ideals, deviously grounded upon the natural rebirth within the universal cycles of nature. 

The shrewd Church in fact built their Jesus Myth around the seasonal cycle and older Pagan agricultural calendar. Traditionally, the wonderful month of May gains its name from the Roman/Greek fertility goddess ‘Maia’, mother of the god Mercury. She was equated with Fauna, Cybele and Ops; goddesses who were deeply loved and cherished by the masses. 

Fauna's feast day was held on the opening night of May. It was a sacred occasion exclusive to women, as the men honoured Fauna's masculine partner Faunus instead. During Fauna's carnival wine and music blended with magickal ritual.  This produced an outlandish yet blissful mixture of reverberation and adulation for the divinity.


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