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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Southport's Time To Shine 

I was delighted to see that reporter, Joe Thomas, was able to utilise my photograph of the Marine Lake at night in the 15 January 2013 edition of the Liverpool Echo.

Unfortunately I was not given the credit for my photograph in the newspaper article, yet the editorial staff later informed me about this unexpected inclusion and kindly apologised. No harm done! 

I had in fact uploaded the photo before on this page:

Nevertheless, this is the article which appeared in the newspaper.

I can appreciate much of the celebration about investments in Southport but most certainly not about the £50 Million housing construction project. This will ensure further destruction of our fragile countryside and the wild creatures that rely on it for survival. 

See this link for more details:


More on this in my new edition of Dirty Politics....

Watch this space...

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