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Monday, 7 January 2013

Southport's Shame - Marine Lake Eyesore!

Where are the councillors and what exactly are they being paid for? 

We all know that councils have been made to make financial cutbacks, but at what cost to the future of the town?

Southport is a tourism town that relies on bringing in hoards of holiday makers. However, a short walk around the Marine Lake (Dukes Ward side shown here), soon reveals the rot and decay that has set in.

Shelters are in a terrible state of repair and this is just one shown herein.

Broken glass, rust encrusted structures - would any self-respecting tourist family wish to sit in such filthy shelters with their children as this? 

Once attractive railings around the lake are rotting, dangerous and probably too far gone to even repaint... 

Graffiti, more wooden rot  and crumbling paint under lakeside bridges. 

Whilst taking these shots local residents asked me what local councillors were being paid for and if they really expected people to come into such an area for recreation. 

The local councillors for Southport's 'Dukes Ward' (in case anyone wishes to ask them what they are supposed to be 'doing' to address this issue) are as follows: 

Sir Ron Watson

Tony Dawson

NB. Tony Dawson was previously seen on this 'Libdem promotional' video 'claiming' to care about Southport tourism, yet the pictures of neglect about his ward give an 'alternative' reality...

Pat Ball 

Three well-paid councillors in just one central and vital Southport ward and the place is such a disgusting mess - can this be right? 

Naturally, one look at this filth and neglect and any holidaymaker would turn run and never return. The result is that Southport trade goes down hill. Consequently, whereabouts is the economic sense in letting the town go to ruin like this?  It's  just insane! 

Council and its attendant councillors clearly need to pull their respective fingers out - NOW! 


  1. Southport looks so run down and is a total disgrace, I just wonder what people from out of town think about the derelict state of our town. and for shopping most shops are boarded up or closed this says alot about this former Victorian town.

  2. You are so right. It is looking more like a derelict inner city dump than any so-called classic seaside resort..very sad..