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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Toilet Paper Litter Bug Finally Exposed!

Piles of toilet paper have been seen mysteriously left down an Ainsdale ally way for quite some time. Today the man responsible for this dirty littering appears to have been exposed. Later on the litter was removed by a lady who was sickened by this man's activities. 

Caught in the act....

Chuck it away and let some other mug clean it up...

Council advise following: 

We are moving forward in our quest to stop littering.
We now have the power to hand out fines to anyone seen or caught dropping litter under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005.
If an officer witnesses someone dropping litter, they will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £ 75.

Failure to pay the fine will lead to legal proceedings being instigated; similarly persistent offenders will also end up in front of Magistrates.
If a person is seen dropping litter from a vehicle, the car registration details will be noted and a fixed penalty notice later issued to the registered owner. If they fail to pay the fine or are persistent offenders, legal proceedings will follow.
Under our fixed penalty notice policy, anyone over the age of 10 can be issued with a fine. For youths aged between 10-15, once a fine has been issued, parents, legal guardians or schools will be notified of this. Parents or legal guardians of children under 10 caught dropping litter will be contacted by officers.

NB. Full details available to concerned parties...

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