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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Frozen Lake - but trout active beneath the ice...

Can one possibly catch trout when a lake is frozen over? The answer is 'Yes!'  

My vintage centrepin reel and old cane rod stayed true to form and accounted for five good trout, all between two and a half  and  three pounds in weight. 

The lake was frozen solid from one side to the other and at first glance I almost decided to go home. However, not being one to shirk from a challenge I set forth to see what I could do.  I had to smash the ice with an oar before I could fish, yet the trout were hungry in those dark, icy depths. 

I lost several trout that fell off at the net and kept three to go with some new potatoes that I purchased yesterday...

I even managed to get a brief video of the action, which was NOT easy when holding the rod in one hand and the camera and landing net in the other...

The fishing was very cold and tricky but nevertheless exhilarating. I had to continually stop the fish from shooting out under the sharp ice, which was just a few yard out from my position. Quite a risky process on my 3 lb breaking strain line. 

Soon fishing will become impossible with extreme ice and snow forecast - but I like to get the most out of the sport. Long gone are the halcyon summer days when trout will take a dry fly on the surface. Now in December  the only way tends to be via utilising the old Mr Crabtree methods of the eager coarse angler.  

Anyway - real living 'on the wild side' and much better to be out hunting in the ice than sitting at home becoming comatose, via watching some sad football match or soap opera, or whatever they do these days for so-called 'entertainment' ......! 


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