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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pregnant ladies 'do' float in Lancashire canals - it's official! 

A trip with our Jason to the local canal for a spot of vintage-style fishing was more eventful than we expected.

Jason was happy to catch what was for him a new species, a gudgeon. 

He caught four fish on this chilly afternoon and dad landed seven. All smallish stuff including a bream  but it was nice to be out and about. 

However, a  lady came rushing up to us in a breathless and panic-stricken state with some worrying news. 

A few hundred yard down the tow path a large pregnant (8-months gone and weighing around 16-18 stone) women had leapt into the canal to apparently try and save her little dog that had fallen in.

On hearing this I immediately  rushed over to the place where the pregnant woman was being helped out of the murky water by the other lady's husband. She was now safe but soaked to the skin. Moreover, the dog was OK and in no danger. 

Dogs are good swimmers and usually mange to scramble out anyway. 

We all tried to persuade the pregnant women to go to get checked out at hospital yet she was adamant that she wanted no fuss. 

She had been very lucky and the whole situation could have been a real tragedy. 

What's more the fishing went sour after this episode as her arrival mid stream must have scared the fish off feeding.

Nevertheless - its official pregnant ladies do float!