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Thursday, 25 October 2012

No – the UK is certainly ‘not’ a Christian Country, nor is it an Islamic or Judaic one!

No – the UK is certainly ‘not’ a Christian Country, nor is it an Islamic or Judaic one!

Anyone who cannot appreciate this historical fact is prime evidence of the highly successful monotheistic indoctrination process in action. 

Christianity is ‘not’ our customary spiritual tradition. Britain was meticulously missionised by that all-encompassing and manipulative eastern, one-god, cult. Christianity was compelled upon us in exactly the same way that missionaries invaded Africa and shattered all the native religions therein. Just in the same way that they did it in Australia to the Aborigines and in North America to the Amerindians.  Many other examples of this type of cultural takeover, using religious credo as a means to an end, exist.  

The Church is repeating this action right now as you read this text to tribes in the Amazon basin, via obliterating or demeaning the original flourishing indigenous cultures and their ancient beliefs and folklore, which are of course deemed to be entirely incompatible with Christian Supremacist doctrines.

Somewhat comically many UK residents today get themselves into a xenophobic fury about the inroads of foreign religions, such as Islam and Judaism, into Britain etc. Yet this is ‘exactly’ what happened with Christianity when it usurped Paganism and took over in a similar fashion. Christianity then is as foreign as any other one god cult to enter the green shores of Britain. And of course the same applies to the invasion of the Christian cult into the States and other countries too.

So now you know the legitimacy of the situation when the self-righteous fundamentalists, with hidden agendas, try to convince you that the UK is a Christian land – nothing could be further from the truth!

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