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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

More Dangerous Ground- by Roger Cook

Any “Inside story” purporting to be about a so-called investigative journalist must surely be 100% accurate, trustworthy and not open to serious conjecture. Sadly, this is exactly where Mr Cook’s somewhat conflict-ridden book falls down.

Of course, admittedly there may be some instances wherein Mr Cook is exact in his stated allegations, with regards to his selected targets. However, what about innocent people who may have been wrongly selected for ‘Trial by media’ attention by the Cook Report; people who were totally innocent of any blame that he erroneously levelled against them?

One such example was illustrated via Roger Cook’s blatant, and in effect rather ‘bizarre’, imprecision concerned his detestable and utterly gratuitous personal targeting of a completely blameless Leeds book shop proprietor.  

NB. I placed this review up on Amazon but the link below was removed….

I therefore believe that there are extremely serious inaccuracies within this book. Consequently, can we expect apologies from Mr Cook for such grave inaccuracy committed that have deeply and negatively affected innocent folks like this out there?

I am always most apprehensive of sensationalist  ‘Trial by media’ and with having inside knowledge about the specific content of this volume I cannot recommend it to anyone; other than as an illustration of how one should ‘not’ act towards others in any fair and liberal-minded society.

In my opinion (which is based on demonstrable and precise data at my disposal) this book is contemptible, inaccurate and should in all fairness be removed forthwith.

Amazon review here:

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