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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sexuality & Religion: Woman – know thy place!

Feminism and the psychosis behind organised faith systems

Equality amongst the sexes, a fair crack of the whip for all; but what place (if any) does so-called ‘Feminism’ hold within the religions of this planet?
Okay folks; at the customary risk of displeasing the overtly sensitive (who labour under fashionable yet invalid perceptions) and those who fail to ‘read between the lines’, due to terminally heated or insecure personalities, I will have a crack  at explaining things a little further.
 Our earliest ancestors living a ‘Hunter-gatherer’ type of existence were not troubled by modern confabulations of equality. Diet, warmth, mating and overall survival against hostile environments remained the most imperative aspects prominent in the minds of the first Homo sapiens.
Like many other animals surrounding them our forbears got on with whatever they did best. To do otherwise would have been irrational and simply led to hunger and ultimately death. The most aggressive and physically potent members of a tribe (either male or female) would fashion weapons and venture out into dangerous regions to hunt game for food.
To some extent historical conditioning/taboos have robbed women of their right to choose and their abilities, which once gave them the respect that they were rightly due. Size and strength, the macho-image, is a sad result of aeons of patriarchal human mind-manipulation. Originally, like in numerous other animal species, the sexes were on a similar functional basis. Powerful women were once just as dangerous as any man and of course ’still’ are today.
Evidence of such parallels in nature abound. A powerful Lioness will often do the hunting whilst the lazier male suns himself in the shade. What is of paramount importance is the individual's own ‘personal’ potential, regardless of gender. Man-man prohibitions and doctrine affected the individual liberties of the masses. Ruling priesthoods, to enable them to thrust their intolerance upon society, created sexual stereotypes.
The old mediaeval Christian witch figure of a hag on a broomstick is a prime example of a male-dominated religion enforcing its prejudice on a naive culture. This single occurrence has  done more to damage and de-empower elderly females than any other in western history.  Restrictions on 'individuality' go hand in hand with any fundamentalist credo.

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