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Friday, 28 September 2012

Another Mysterious Flying Object over Southport

By Pat Regan

Time/Date: 10.30 pm, 26 September 2012
Location: Sandbrook Road, Southport, Merseyside, UK
Weather: mild and semi-clear skies

Last weekend’s UFO sightings (21 September 2012) have grabbed headlines all over the UK.

The newspapers shouted out the news….

‘Space Debris May Be Responsible For Recent UK Meteor Reports’

Many thought it was all over yet last night (26 September) I personally witnessed yet another fast flying object, hurdling through the dark sky.

I had just let my dog into the back garden and was nonchalantly watching the lights on a high-altitude aircraft that was approaching my house from the east.

As the aircraft got nearer I suddenly spotted a rapidly descending white or silver UFO with a similarly coloured sparking tail descend behind the plane at an approximately 45 degree angle. This UFO was only visible for a brief few seconds at the very most. It did however give the instantaneous impression of immense energy expansion.

Although my camera was only feet behind me in the kitchen the object moved too fast to give me enough time to get a shot off. I kept vigil for quite some time after this sighting, yet nothing further was seen.

I believe this UFO may have also been visible from the Ormskirk area, as this appeared to be the flight path bearing that it was falling into. 

Was this UFO just space junk, a meteor or something else entirely?

As always, I welcome further witness reports.

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