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Sunday, 3 June 2012

UFO close to Viking Town hovering over farmland roadway

I never venture far without my camera in case I witness anything that I cannot immediately explain away. The thought of possibly missing a rare opportunity to capture something truly incomprehensible is always with me.

On 1st June 2012 I was out with the family walking my dog in the Lancashire countryside. Many birds and insects were in evidence and the weather was getting increasingly warmer. Thunder clouds also built up on the horizon. We noticed a white or silver object in the distance that was seemingly hovering over the farm fields (or over the adjacent road) roughly in the area of Scarisbrick, which is not far from the old Viking Town of Ormskirk.




  1. hi pat,my name is peter,congratulations on getting the great footage of the ufo.When i first saw the still from your video i was astounded to see the exact same ufo i witnessed here in south shields,south tyneside on april 24 2011.Your mention of its disapearance and reapearance and the movements sound exactly the same too. heres a quick summary of my was quite close when i saw it from my kitchen window.eliptical in shape,it seemed to pulse in and out of view,making its self invisible on the down pulse and becoming intensley brighter at the peak of the pulse with a glow that seemed to be generated by the object its self.the pulse was perhaps 1 second was moving slightly left and was lower than the top of the large sycamore tree at the bottom of next doors garden and i estimated its size to be perhaps a metre or so in width. Allso i recalled the edges of the object had a softness or blurryness to them,a bit like looking at something through an unfocused lens is how i remember it.After watching it for perhaps ten seconds i ran into the living room to get my camcorder and then sprinted into the back garden.The object was now quite far away in the distance but stationary. it now resembled a star which would flash black for a split second.I then called my 11 year old son to come and see and we watched it move left and right ,up and down,sometimes it would disapear and then reapear elsewhere,sometimes it would come a little closer then retreat back into the distance.All this time i was trying to to video the object but it was not showing on the viewfinder which was very wife and daughter then came out to watch it allso.after several minutes of failed video i decided to get my nikon dslr and begun taking pics whilst my son used the camcorder.
    To the naked eye it still looked like a star which was flying in every direction which sometimes disapeared and flashed but when i looked at it with the camera with 200mm zoom lens i could see a disc type object and i would be watching it and it would instantly disapear while under direct observation. it often took us several seconds to spot it again.i was absolutely astounded when the object began wobbling or vibrating in a very fast and agitated manor,it was almost a blur,it reminded me of a spinning coin which speeds up when its coming to the end of its spin,i actually became quite scared when it started doing this,the whole thing had a sense of unreality about it.Allso the object seemed to be changing shape.
    I eventually got several interesting pics but the video we took only show a star like object which makes fleeting appearances here and there.
    I have some pics on flickr under the user name-unlimited shades of reality that you might find interesting.
    bye and good luck m8

  2. Peter - thanks for this most fascinating account. Do please also include it on the YouTube page so that others may also come forward with their UFO sightings.