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Monday, 4 June 2012

Trout and deer of the Lancashire River Yarrow

Hatches of fly were thin on the ground this afternoon, yet being there was well worth the drive...

The trout I returned was a very nice wild fish of about one and a half pounds..

On the shot below you can see to the top right of the trout a large scale - this seemed to have come from a very large fish

I am not certain what these scales were off yet...

I was even joined by a rare deer...


  1. Nice one Pat. First time I saw a dear down there I was well surprised, I thought until then they would be further inland towards the Trough of Bowland National park.
    My fishing buddy came across a stag at about 4am and it didn't run off!

    1. I have seen a few in the Trough you mention that have come down to the river to drink but they have, until now, been more elusive on the Yarrow..

  2. Pleased to see you kept your feet dry this time :) As always, fantastic photographs. x

  3. Sadly the feet got wet 'again' and the leg cramp that evening was a