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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pat Regan - Patron Saint of Animals? 

Who needs Saint Francis of Assisi when you have Pat Regan?

OK - so here I was talking on the blower with my pal Brenda when all of a sudden this bird is trying to frantically get at me through the window.

On placing the phone back on the receiver I went outside and the little fella jumped onto my hand without any hesitation..

I figure he was a bit knocked about by the wind and rain (lovely British summer) so I left him in a sheltered bush..

And yes - I have cropped around the photo as the original had a washing line going though my head.

Does this mean I can be selected by the Pope as the new Patron Saint of Animals  - or at least birds? Must drop the lads at the Vatican a swift line about this...

Now if we can just keep the  flaming greedy cats, that breed like rabbits in the vicinity, away from my new friend he may stand a chance of survival.


  1. What a wonderful photograph - I do so hope the little fella survives the cats!

  2. I think he made it - no sign of him in the hedge the day afterwards...