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Sunday, 8 April 2012

A bumbling Dr Rowan Williams invites proof of Christian resurrection during his RE blitz! 

The BBC stated:

‘Rowan Williams to warn of downgrading of religious education’ 

Or should it really state???....

ECCLESIASTICAL MESSAGE TO THE FAITHFUL FLOCK:  Bring 'em in - round 'em up...Get out there  quick guys and don't let the kids get too far away from the Church - young minds are nice an' easy to manipulate and we need more converts... like yesterday!!!

BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent Robert Pigott says: "Dr Williams will give powerful backing to the actual historical resurrection of Jesus from the dead, insisting that no other understanding of Easter makes sense.

Oh dear – I see the fundamentalists are seeking to once again push their doctrine onto the rest of the world as they get more desperate to keep trusting children indoctrinated at school into their limited religious worldview. The limited understanding of Dr Williams is evident in his comments herein concerning Easter. 

“Dr Williams will say the ultimate test of Christianity is whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ happened.”

Well there we go folks – it ‘DIDN’T’ happen, no such PROOF exists that is why it is called a BELIEF! Such blind belief is based on third hand-propaganda, superstition and fear. 

This particular patriarchal myth is simply based on twisted understandings of much more ancient, Pagan beliefs. Don’t take my word for it, go and research the subject yourself! 

Resurrection myths are NOTHING new and very common in fact. Many gods were seen to have been resurrected long before Christ was invented! Such myths are largely analogies for the perpetually changing cycles of nature. 

Think about it for a minute: the god is ‘Resurrected’ in spring (like the new growth in nature. He is 'Born' in the dead of winter (as with the new Sun). Has the penny dropped yet? 

The Christian Myth, with its specific festival dates, hijacks the much earlier Pagan Agricultural Calendar in order to win more converts for Christ. The Christian myth – makers just incorporated them into their newly-hatch One-god credo.

Therefore Dr William’s “test” for any alleged historicity of Christ fails at the first fence…

I covered a great deal of this in a previous book.

The punch-line is that the nature of our society is based on ancient fundamentalist lies. Dr Williams should leave our kids alone and let them grow up WITHOUT enforced religious indoctrination!

We live in a democracy not a clergy-controlled priesthood. 

Rowan old mate – give up whilst you are still ahead! 


  1. You been summoned to Texas. Expect leg irons, rats, darkness, mouldy bread and rancid water. :-)