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Thursday, 22 March 2012


March 2012 Update

Southport’s Libdem Propaganda Machine: caught out spinning, again!

The so-called ‘Southport News’ (Libdem propaganda rag) has misrepresented hard-working Tory Councillor Brenda Porter once again, via insisting that a picture of her in their odious propaganda sheet is concerned with political infighting.

The truth however is somewhat different. 

Above: Misleading spin pushed through Southport letter boxes. Photographic exploitation by Southport’s tricky Libdems seeks to give the false impression that Councillor Porter is shouting at troublesome politicians.

In fact the photo of Councillor Porter was lifted from a hospital concern meeting back in 2005 in which she was fighting for the town’s maternity service to be safeguarded. Southport’s Libdems are well aware of this fact, yet they prefer to misuse the picture to promote their own biased agenda onto Southport. The meeting was in fact a CARES Public Meeting with Jonathan Parry, Chief Executive of Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust at KGV College, 19th October 2005.  

Above: Libdem spin exposed! The picture’s true origin; Ainsdale's Councillor Brenda Porter expressing her utter revulsion at Mr Parry's answers during a CARES meeting.   

The Libdems are well aware of their own appalling spin and just look ‘who’ is sitting to the left of Councillor Porter, Libdem Councillor Sue Maguire. Therefore the Libdem spin-doctors cannot say they did not know the truth concerning the origin of this particular photo.

Councillor Porter’s legendary ability to ‘take it on the chin’ from anonymous Libdem activists is well known. Some even post under various pseudonyms on local internet chat rooms. One, who is close to the Town’s MP was even sued previously for certain comments against others. 

How low will the Libdems stoop to impose their perverse political will on the good residents of our town?

Such cowards deserve nothing but utter contempt and the Southport public has a right to know just what is going on!

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