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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Southport’s Marine Lake - recycling the swan feathers!

Above: Southport’s wonderful Marine Lake swan colony

As an angler I have collected cast-off swan feathers from the Marine Lake in Southport for several years.

I have even turned this rural hobby into a profitable recycling process too, because I craft attractive fishing floats out of the swan quills. By doing this I am helping to clean up the place, keeping an old country craft alive and also making a few bob for myself on eBay etc.

Above: the author with a few of the Marine Lake floats.

Recently, the old Lake got its much needed clean up thanks to the local Cambridge Ward conservatives.  

I can well understand that areas used by the public do require cleaning, yet the angler in me hopes that the political process will leave me a few feathers to collect....

If it does not then my float-making, cottage industry may suffer a severe setback…

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