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Friday, 23 March 2012

Libdem photographic- manipulation propaganda techniques exposed in Southport 

What they ‘DON’T’ tell you in their Southport News!

Last year’s unsuccessful Duke’s Ward Candidate for the Southport Libdems was Mr Tony Dawson. Mr Dawson has been a top aide to Southport’s Catholic MP, John Pugh, for a long period of time. Dawson also stood yet failed to become an MP in Oldham East some years ago when fighting against Labour’s Phil Woolas.

Mr Dawson has actually been standing unsuccessfully in local election for many years. During the Oldham campaign serious questions about Mr Dawson’s alleged ‘Doctoring’ of election photos reached the National Press.

Above: Mr Dawson and the old “doctored” photo regarding ‘Student fees’. This is of course a very sore point in 2012 for his Liberal Democratic Party (under Nick Clegg) too.

This Libdem photo-manipulation was also noted on local Southport websites:

Of course, any observant Southport residents will know the ‘truth’ of Mr Dawson’s picture herein.

Moreover, Mr Dawson enraged his boss, MP John Pugh, in the local media too via sending nasty letters about which Dr Pugh stated:

“To be frank I was furious when I saw the letter in The Champion, even though it had been submitted by Mr Dawson in a personal capacity,” Mr Pugh said.

“Tony is employed as a good and caring caseworker and understandably not to deal with the press. He himself regrets the intemperate, silly and offensive tone of the letter which I do not excuse or condone.”

John Pugh was asked to “sack” his offensive caseworker Dawson, but instead the MP replied with:

“I cannot comment directly or publicly on any personnel matters or any subsequent procedures which are of course a matter of employment law.”

Consequently, Mr Pugh’s aide remains in place apparently without challenge!


More recently in 2012 the so-called ‘Southport News’ sheet (i.e. Libdem propaganda rag) contained a suspicious photograph of Mr Dawson allegedly “cleaning gutters of empty shops” in the town’s Lord Street with fellow Libdem activists, Pat Keith and Lord Ronnie Fearn.

Somewhat comically, the business ‘Hidden Hearing’ (as displayed in the doctored Libdem photo) is apparently NOT an empty shop. I actually rang the business and they were rather confused, saying that as far as they were aware “their Southport branch was still open.” 

Above: closer inspection of the photo-edited picture, outside the Hidden Hearing shop, appears to reveal that Mr Dawson is holding what seems like a massive, superimposed clump of foliage. The picture evidently shows that the foliage is a cropped in addition to the picture, with white edges above plainly visible.

Above: John Pugh MP’s caseworker Tony Dawson with the superimposed foliage/plants, which appears to be more like a scanned in image of a floral hanging basket (note the trailing plants and the odd angle of drooping greenery) than what is claimed in the misleading, Libdem propaganda sheet.

This poses the serious question.

How many photos have the Libdems actually ‘Doctored’ over the years to impose their political will on the Southport public?

Southport residents must be made aware of such clandestine political illusion.

Does Southport MP John Pugh have anything to say about this situation?

Have YOU received their ‘SOUTHPORT NEWS’ propaganda sheet yet?

How far can we trust them? 

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