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Friday, 19 May 2017

Sovini's professional standards - are they slipping?

Public concerns were recently raised about the internet activities of a leading staff member at Sovini.

Since Sovini was established in 2011 around £16.5m has been invested in the registered providers within the Group by its commercial partners. Sovini’s registered providers have invested millions with the support of the Group. Up to 1000 new homes are scheduled to be built within the next 5 years.

Project Manager, Joanna (Jo) Allen, is one example of public postings that may be contrary to Sovini’s otherwise good standards in the community, Her readily available (not private) posts on Facebook, etc  make for interesting yet potentially obnoxious, reading...

Sovini's Jo Allen makes no attempt to keep these 'easily accessible' and highly inappropriate Facebook posts away from the public gaze.

Is cancer a laughing matter? 

Ms Allen really needs to be told that "cancer" is NOT a joking matter. 

This is appalling coming from a woman in her professional position. 

What an amazing way with words and fine example of professional conduct Sovini's manager has displayed. 

Unusual antics for a Sovini project manager to post in pubic or elsewhere? The mind boggles...

‘We offer our workforce competitive salaries, healthy contracts of employment and issue employee handbooks which sets out the terms and conditions of their employment together with guidance on the high standards of conduct that are expected of them.

Source: SOVINI-CSR-Annual-Review-2015.pdf 

How wise was it posting superficial comments (in public) about a speeding offence for a Sovini manager? 

Or giving "2 fingers" to law enforcement? 

Is intolerance with other people also an issue? In the following somewhat disturbing post Ms Allen apparently calls for genocide against "some people" who upset her. Who exactly does she suggest must be "wiped off this earth?" 

Some people may feel that this harsh attitude is rather hypocritical, especially coming from a Sovini manager who gives "2 fingers" to driving regulations that are based on vital road safety for us all.

NB. although all of Ms Allen's posts are PUBLIC, details regarding other people etc have been removed. All data saved. 

And Sovini's vision?

'Motivation – We do the right things for the right reasons – based on ethical and honest approach to business. We are motivated by excellence and the ambition to continuously improve what we do and how we do it.'

'Motivated by excellence' ?

Perhaps Sovini needs to get their own house in order, 'before' making such lofty statements? 

Do the public deserve better that this? Many think they do!

The Sovini Group

Sovini contact: 

Tel: 0333 733 1200 

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