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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sefton Council's Green Space Hypocrisy over Kitty's Wood fiasco

Sefton Council's 'Green Space Strategy' exposed as sheer Hypocrisy

Sefton Council's eco-propaganda department spin us all the line that they are working wonders to provide green spaces, to promote wildlife and give us all nice, cleaner air. However, the truth is a different thing altogether…

In its glossy document,  ‘Green Space Strategy for Sefton’ we find the following claims.

Sadly, when the Council gave away Ainsdale's George Drive woodlands to the countryside-wreckers, One Vision Housing (OVH), they seem to have forgotten all about their lawful duties of promotion towards  biodiversity. 

The Council's hypocritical document was sold to the public as follows...

Let's examine the eco-promotional aims of the Council's document. 

Other aims are given (with examples of objectives from various Sefton areas) but we get the general idea that it's vitally important to save and encourage green spaces in the community.

On the following chart Southport is given as an area of  'below the target ' for availability of green spaces. 

The document rambled on about increasing the wildlife value of green spaces. 

Without any doubt this was all great news for Southport residents. Nevertheless, the Committee Meeting last March in Bootle dismissed all of the content of this (their own) document and a plethora of good reasons regarding why axing Kitty's Wood in Ainsdale was a terrible (and legally questionable) idea.

Labour en-masse, along with the Sefton Tory Leader ignored their own Council green agenda and passed the ludicrous decision to destroy the wildlife - rich woodlands. This conduct is totally unacceptable

The appalling situation today therefore is a community at loggerheads with an uncaring council and OVH, the king of the Bootle-based countryside wreckers. The corrupt decision was based on utter committee dismissal of the leading green agenda and also because the developer had funding in place to destroy the wildlife reserve herein. Again, this absurd decision is totally unacceptable and MUST be reversed. 

Also see more bogus Sefton Council claims here. 

We have 5 aims for green space in Sefton to help us to make this vision real:

 1. Improving the quality, variety and accessibility of all types of green space. 

2. Increasing community use of all green spaces and improving community health. 

3. Making the most of the ways in which green space can help reduce the impacts of climate change. 

4. Increasing the wildlife value of green spaces. 5. Working with partners, especially to make the most of funding opportunities. 



4.1 To make people more aware of the extent, importance and health benefits of wildlife and biodiversity to Sefton.

 4.2 To make it easier for the community to get to wildlife sites and other green spaces with high wildlife value.

 4.3 To make the most of opportunities to create new wildlife sites and corridors and to increase the wildlife value of existing green spaces and corridors, especially those with low wildlife value. 

4.4 To encourage ‘best practice’ management of wildlife sites and resources, taking into account wildlife, site and network integrity, public access and other considerations.

Wouldn't it be lovely if Sefton actually meant what they had written herein and sincerely promoted it, rather than spinning falsehoods just to gain eco-awards further down the line?

When we consider how Sefton Council voted to axe Kitty's Wood we can see how they make the rules up as they go along, dismissing anything that stands in the way of their eco-terrorist chums at OVH. 

Protest Rally against OVH countryside-wreckers. 

The decision to destroy the woodland  is immoral, unsound and perhaps also legally questionable on many grounds.This corrupt decision  must be overturned and as soon as possible for the community and wildlife. 

Sefton Council, start practising what you preach about the ecosystem/green spaces. 

OVH leave the woodlands for nature and the community. This precious green area is totally unsuitable for additional housing and your stupid plan to destroy our wildlife-rich woodland is NOT an option! Just because you have development funding in place does NOT mean you should give the green light to woodland destruction. 

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The fight for justice continues and will continue to do so until Sefton Council and OVH finally wake up and see sense! 

Pat Regan ©  

Petition – ongoing…
Gofundme page set up… every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers…
Save our Woods

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