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Friday, 12 May 2017

Kitty's Wood: Labour's Green promises - are they enough?

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Southport, Cllr Liz Savage, appears to be seeking new converts from the vanishing Green Party.

Labour's election promises are seemingly aimed at portraying their party as greener than grass. There's nothing wrong with that if it's true. However, the Southport community requires a lot more evidence that Labour's eco- promises are sincere!


The real fly in Liz's lofty eco- pledge ointment resides within the fact that her councillor colleagues in Bootle recently voted to destroy the Ainsdale wildlife reserve (Kitty's Wood) in George Drive. Consequently, voters in Ainsdale are now deeply suspicious of anyone flying a Labour flag.

The same may be said for the Tories after Conservative leader, Denise Dutton, also voted to axe Kitty's Wood. Moreover, Ainsdale Tories are a distant memory in most eyes, so naturally none have supported protesters in the battle against Sovini-based woodland-wrecking plans. 

Cllr Terry Jones and his well-known election failures stick in the minds of many committed Conservative voters.

Public opinion is now universal that Sovini/One Vision Housing (OVH)  have no care whatsoever for existing residential opinions or the fragile wildlife habitat under threat, which they have 'promised' to destroy. 

Their chiefs on mega-salaries continue to keep a low profile, whilst their minions appear to seek to berate the community into compliance.

 Spin and hollow promises from Sovini remain relentless but are always unhelpful. The community continues to protest strongly against this highly discredited and deeply hated development plan.

A multitude of excellent reasons, regarding why the plan was so flawed, were given yet totally dismissed. This has understandably  led to allegations in some quarters that the real agenda is based on  development profits, rather than any concern for the community or environmental needs.

Double standards all along. 

If just one young vandal wrecks  a tiny tree in a city centre we see public outrage and condemnation from elected officials.

Here at Kitty's Wood we are witnessing a multi-million pound, profit-driven company that is hell-bent on exterminating an entire Southport woodland. What sort of message does this send to our children?

Naturally, any good person or company with any 'genuine' care for our communities and wildlife habitat would not even 'need' to be told that destroying a lovely bluebell woodland was a disgusting crime against nature. Sadly though Sovini fails to even understand this fact of life. The more the community explains to Sovini  that we need our green spaces the more they threaten to destroy them. What is wrong with these people?

A special wooded home to the robin, mistle thrush, water vole, bat, etc is to the mega-rich developer a fat pay cheque and an obstacle to be concreted over ASAP.

It's  just another business award to pin on the office wall and one more annoying green space to be conquered. 'Who needs trees anyway, they just get in the way of the bulldozers'. This seems to be the official mantra at OVH HQ today.

Above: Cllr Savage  and her Ainsdale candidate recently visited campaigners fighting Sovini plans to destroy Ainsdale’s Kitty’s Wood.

Will big smiles be enough though? Will Liz Savage and her Labour colleagues actually 'help' the Ainsdale community to save the woodlands or not?

Talk of a "Zero Carbon Merseyside" may sound impressive, but this fails to cut the mustard when Labour vote en-masse to DESTROY OUR SOUTHPORT WOODLANDS!  Even our kids get that vital message - but will Labour?

Are Labour’s green promises to be trusted after their outrageous Bootle-based decision to axe the Ainsdale woodlands? Will they finally do the 'right' thing and assist the good people of Ainsdale to preserve our precious green spaces or...? 

The Southport community is watching and waiting to discover the truth about Labour's green promises.  

Above: Cllr Liz Savage in Kitty's Wood during the May Day protest. Her colleagues voted to destroy the wood but will Liz fight with the community to save it?

So Liz, what do you say because the ball is in your court; will it be the Party or the People? Many are asking and they really need to know where you are coming from!

Our fantastic UK countryside is precious; when it’s gone it’s gone forever!

Please help us to save it today... 

Pat Regan © 

Petition – ongoing…

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