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Saturday, 29 April 2017

New signs for the Kitty's Wood Protest Rally

Campaigners started eagerly making more signs for the Protest Rally this morning. 

Protest Rally this Bank Holiday, Monday 1st May 2017 at 2.00 pm in Ainsdale’s George Drive  

See this link for details... 

Large signs and smaller signs, with  most giving the same message, 'Save Kitty's Wood!'

The fight against One Vision Housing (OVH) eco-terrorists continues. They have chosen the wrong location, which is totally unsuitable for housing. The woodland is a wildlife haven and the little drive beside it is far too narrow to cope with more traffic congestion.

Many valid reasons have been give as to why the area is unsuitable for additional development, but they were dismissed by Labour councillors en-masse and the Sefton Tory leader as irrelevant.

Residents and campaigners have started a 'round - the - clock' vigil on the woodlands. We have been forced to stop the ever-cunning OVH from entering Kitty's Wood  to fell trees that are full of many nesting birds.

OVH have NO concern for nature whatsoever and regard the woods as a disposable asset, to be destroyed at will.

One of their Sovini drivers was also recently suspended for abusing our peaceful protesters. 

OVH (backed by Margaret Carney's Sefton Council) have tried several times to fell trees holding nests herein but we have halted their progress. Police have advised us to call 999 if they are seen trying to break wildlife laws...

Do please try to show your support on Monday for our Protest Rally.

We are Southport residents standing up to a reckless, heartless and very foolish authority that has buried its head in the sand.

OVH:  out of control and at odds with the Southport community!

OVH has, by its own ill-advised actions, created an appalling barrier between itself and the Southport community. It continues to insult the people of Ainsdale and threaten a thriving ecosystem (which is also part on our ancient Southport heritage) with destruction. It spreads ambiguity and mistrust in the community with its constant devious efforts to destroy Kitty's Wood.

We therefore continue to call for a vote of no confidence it its destructive and highly unprofessional administration, which now appears to be running like a train with no brakes, totally out of control.

The same call of no confidence also applies to the Council that has tried (and failed) to keep a low profile, whilst at the same time egging OVH on to fell the lovely, bluebell-filled woodlands.

The bogus committee decision to fell the woodland was deeply flawed and must be reversed now! It's time for councillors to wake up and realise what a rift their absurd action has created.

They have NO RIGHT to treat the community like this! 

Sovini - sort out this mess as your reputation is now in tatters in Southport

Sefton Council planners and OVH's countryside -wrecking admin seriously need to start acting like adults. Their constant attempts to intimidate the community, into accepting woodlands destruction, simply proves how badly controlled (and ill-informed) their Bootle-based administration actually is. 

Councillors welcome - will you help us? 

Councillors are 'supposed' to represent the public who elected them. Consequently. many folk are now asking where most of them are. Nevertheless, we are very happy to receive positive support from any councillor from any party, so long as you can lend a hand in the fight. Some Labour and Libdem councillors have already shown various levels of support.

Please tell your friends and join us at the Rally or/and help in anyway you can... 

The UK countryside is vanishing fast. It needs YOUR help and we are making a stand, because someone has to!

Petition - ongoing... 

Gofundme page set up... every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers... 


Pat Regan © 

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