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Friday, 28 April 2017

Kitty’s Wood in George Drive, part of our ancient Southport heritage

This lovely little woodland is currently under threat from One Vision Housing (OVH) who aims to destroy it to build houses. The wood is beloved by the locals and stands as a thriving wildlife haven for many legally-protected species of birds and animals.

We have given a plethora of first-rate reasons why it must not be destroyed; yet one reason has not really been highlighted at all.

Our Southport Heritage is precious and must be protected from fools

Ainsdale’s Kitty’s Wood once stretched all the way to Guildford Road in Birkdale, according to elderly residents of the Drive.

Apparently the wood was named after Catherine (Kitty) Rimmer, the daughter of Thomas the Blacksmith. Kitty was born in 1845. Her family descended from Richard Rymer who was born in 1680. We are told that ‘Old Kitty’ was the scourge of small boys, who she would chase when they tried to steal apples from her orchard in the 1920s. (Source: Families and Cottages of Old Birkdale and Ainsdale, by Sylvia Harrop)

 Today, we can only imagine in awe the splendid old woodland that overextended for miles along the Sandy Brook from Birkdale to Ainsdale. It must have been a wonderful sight.

All that is left now is the lovely little bluebell woodland holding many elms and other trees. It is full of nesting birds with eggs and other wildlife. Local people also use the woods to release hedgehogs that they have rescued.

This is a very special part of our fragile Southport heritage. It is a small green gem from our bygone past. It urgently needs protection – not the cruel chain saws of OVH.

No one has the right to destroy our native Southport heritage. It is something that must be preserved for posterity, at all costs.

OVH say they continue to "liaise with residents". That is an interesting claim when they continue to try and sneak into the woodland, so that they can fell trees, many with nesting birds in. Their devious 'smoke and mirror' tactics, with their partners Sefton Council, have forced protesters to mount a 24 hours a day watch on the site; just so that wildlife laws are not broken. 

When will OVH grow up? 

When will these terrible people realise that they must stop this unacceptable behaviour that is distressing the entire Southport community? When are they finally going to act like professional adults with a responsibility to wildlife, the ecosystem, our heritage and the community at large? 

Their decision to build here was deeply flawed, immoral, unacceptable for many reasons previously given and MUST be overturned. 

The little woodland has friends though and we are ‘not’ going away. Old Kitty’s wood needs help and we are fighting to save it. 

We say to the eco-terrorists…

'Back off OVH and Sefton Council – our Southport heritage is not yours to destroy!'

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The fight to save Kitty's Wood continues...

Petition - ongoing... 

Gofundme page set up... every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers... 


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