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Friday, 14 April 2017

George Drive Wood: Officials think One Vision Housing’s incoming axe job is a huge joke.

As the Southport community hears more about One Vision Housing’s (OVH, the Bootle-based registered social landlord) disgusting plan to axe George Drive Woods, news arrived to indicate that officials see residential concerns as a huge joke.

The current representational system is rotten to its core. In good faith, we elect the political ones to serve us, but this arrangement is just a lip-service ruse by the corrupt established order to lock us in our place and keep the real power resolutely in their hands alone. The People must be given a stronger voice in order for it to be true democracy.

How can it be all fine and dandy for a tiny group of ‘out-of-touch’ fools in a Bootle committee meeting to totally dismiss the valid opinions of an entire Southport community? 

Above: just a few species under threat in Ainsdale, from OVH's ecologically-destructive housing plan. 

These (again) are just a few reasons why not to build on this old woodland that the Bootle committee totally dismissed, without rhyme or reason. Unwelcome development may potentially…

Destroy valuable wildlife habitat of birds, mammals, amphibians, etc, many of which are legally-protected;
Destroy native species of mature trees vital to human and wildlife good health;
Create additional gridlock and congestion;
Reduce current parking spaces for locals;
Deprive children of a natural woodland play area that’s been enjoyed by generations;
Deprive residents of a quality of living standards, enjoyed for decades;
Bring the Council and OVH's reputation into serious disrepute, regarding blatant lack of concern for fragile biodiversity and residents' needs:
Disrupt local families via reduction of privacy etc;
Increase risk of accidents via increased traffic in such a small roadway;
Devalue current properties to the financial detriment of local homeowners;
Create additional structural subsidence of existing properties;
Create drainage problems;
Create potential pollution issues (i.e. outflows and tipping into local watercourse);
Increase strain on already overburdened utilities and services;
Lead to costly potential legal compensation claims against the Council and One Vision Housing (OVH), for various reasons of objection. 

The Bootle Junta has also ignored a petition of over 420 names in opposition to their absurd build plans. Although the petition was handed into the Council by Cllr Lynne Thompson it was ignored by the committee. In fact it was never closed and is still rolling along with 463 names currently on it.

So who exactly are the leading OVH movers  behind the planned destruction of George Drive's lovely woodlands? Accountability to the community is essential. 


OVH promise tenants 'thriving inclusive communities' and at the same time dismiss all valid points raised by many worried people in the community. Perhaps they need to rewrite these absurd pledges to honestly say... 

We will pay customary lip-service (a few amicable local meetings) to your tedious little concerns and then wreak havoc on your community and wildlife habitat - because we own it and of course we have the power to do so! 

Sefton Council and OVH have totally disregarded all of this. It's not that hard to see why our UK countryside is vanishing so fast is it?

The good folks who live in the affected Ainsdale area and under the cosh of these ‘out-of-town’ councillors MUST be given priority. Examples of ongoing official indifference have been coming in thick and fast and were expressed recently down George Drive.

Several George Drive.residents had noticed that a rather vocal group of white-collared officials had been seen outside their properties. They appeared to be studying the woodlands. One man (perhaps a councillor) had joked with his amused colleagues to “Mind you don’t step on the water voles”.

Other residents have stated that OVH’s crass attitude has been to say in meetings, between residents and the housing authority, “It’s our land and we can do whatever we want with it”.

Reading between the lines, the clandestine message is that officials/councillors are now actually boasting about the destruction of legally-protected species and also mocking the Ainsdale community. 

They apparently think that the imminent obliteration of George Drive’s woodlands is a huge joke and that they, as self-righteous overlords, can say and do whatever they please without challenge. They have no care whatsoever for the beleaguered community or nature and the lethargic Council behind them is exactly the same.

This is not any form of democracy. It's a classic example of ECO-FASCISM AT ITS WORST and it’s happening in Southport today?

Above: Southport, every day losing the essential right to speak up for our own residents. 

So we ask once again;  where are our Southport councillors (of any political allegiance), our leading officials,  our so-called VIPs and the well-respected eco-bodies that are always so pleased to take our charitable donations for preserving the land/nature? 

Big grins snapped at official events and subsequently pictured in bland newspapers will not cut the mustard over George Drive woods. Action, real action, is needed today!

Above: Young Jason here, once awarded a prestigious eco-award by the Mayor of Sefton now disgusted at the callous Council and OVH. 

Inner city land held back to keep housing prices high

One Southport councillor has already stated that there is no need to build on our green spaces and that housing land, available in ‘towns and cities’, is being ‘deliberately’ held back in order to keep inflating house prices. Nevertheless, where is the real fighting spirit support behind this solitary opinion from any other Southport councillors?  

Again, the cheesy grins to impress the newspapers will not be enough. Our poor old town is being hammered into ongoing compliance by an immoral, elitist, external regime and Southport residents are paying a high price. 

George Drive is just one example of how Southport is losing its voice to the big city bullies, In fact it's just the tip of the iceberg!

The time to act is now! It seems that this council and OVH will not be happy until we have big-city steel and concrete everywhere and no green spaces left.

Sandgrounders are watching; many people are very angry and this issue will run and run and that is ‘no’ joke!


Pat Regan ©

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