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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Champion newspaper reports on Ainsdale's Woodland Protest

George Drive and the OVH Dragon? 

This community protest took part the day after St George's Day, which seems quite an appropriate time to win any minor victory, against oppression.

Champion Support... 

Ollie Cowan of the Champion newspaper has kindly produced an excellent report, regarding the George Drive Woods Protest that happened yesterday (24 April 2017).

Front page news... 

The Champion stated…

A HOUSING firm have vowed to keep to their promise of building homes on Ainsdale Woodland despite passionate protestors stopping contractors from cutting down trees. Construction and demolition was due to start on woodland in George Drive in Ainsdale on Tuesday (April 25) but before any contractors could even begin to unload their equipment, they were chased away by angry protestors.

A group of around twenty campaigners including local councillors and woodland activists blocked off part of the road, essentially forcing contractors to turn round and leave the area because they were unable to unload portacabins and vital tree cutting equipment. Merseyside Police were called to ensure they could facilitate a peaceful protest.

See this link for more Champion details:

Cllr Lynne Thompson stated…
“Police attended yesterday's peaceful demonstration by residents (at the request of the contractor delivering security fencing to the site). After speaking to all the parties involved police viewed the photographic evidence collected that day and inspected a number of nests in the wooded area. Police then advised the contractor not to proceed and the matter has now been referred for further investigation. I understand MEAS have been informed.”
The precious nests in question had actually been shown to police by protesters. 

What a pity that One Vision Housing (OVH) had not bothered to ask locals about this. Many nests are also hidden and have not been shown to the authorities. Clearly the OVH plan has been to get fencing up and trees down as fast as possible, whilst no one is looking.
If OVH touch these woods in nesting season (that is ‘officially’ up until the end of August) they WILL be breaching wildlife law and their actions will be recorded and acted upon.
Basically, OVH had apparently thought they could 'bypass' wildlife law, knock up their ‘Keep Out’ fencing and happily start felling trees this week in the lovely Ainsdale woodland that’s full of nests and nestlings. 

Protesters proved that OVH were 100% in error after ‘they’ were told by the police (who they had called in) to GO AWAY!
Basically, Sefton Council and OVH have been playing cruel mind games with low – income families who they mistakenly thought would just sit down and cry, as they destroyed this beautiful part of our Southport countryside.

OVH have dug their heels in with a belligerent, anti-community, anti-wildlife attitude that has inflamed passions right across the town. Whoever is 'supposed' to be running this reckless housing organisation seriously need to be scrutinised closely. Many councillors are also unhappy with the appalling way in which OVH have conducted themselves, with council back up, in our region The word 'unprofessional' is now on many lips. 
Southport is now watching OVH and their Council partners very closely. They cannot treat residents and wildlife with such contempt and expect to get away with it.
We sincerely thank the Champion for their latest report.
The outrageous decision to axe the woodland (voted in en-masse by Labour and we believe the Sefton Tory leader) was deeply flawed, potentially illegal and must be re-addressed by unbiased professionals.
As support grows, campaigners continue to seek further advice and request more help off our councillors.  

Above: Concerned for our vanishing Southport countryside. Brenda Porter with Pat Regan in the George Drive woodlands recently  

In case you missed highlights of yesterday's protest, here is the link: 

Nevertheless, OVH will not rest until they have totally destroyed this valuable wildlife haven. Word on the ground is the they will be seeking to erect fencing again very soon... 
If you can help then please shout out now!

The fight to save our fragile Southport countryside from OVH and Sefton Council continues... . 
Pat Regan © 

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