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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Threat to Ainsdale's George Drive Woods - Sefton response - Update 2

Residents and campaigners received a letter (unsigned) today off Sefton Council's  Planning Services regarding the ongoing threat to George Drive's lovely woodlands.

Written comments challenging the proposal to destroy this thriving Ainsdale woodland (via unpopular and problematic congestion-creating developments)  are being requested.

If  you have any objection to our British countryside being destroyed then kindly write in to Sefton Council expressing your concerns.

NB. Sefton give this link yet some people have been unable to access it.

They also  give this email address for contact:

Alternatively you can write to them at the following address:

Planning Services, 
Sefton Council, 
Magdalen House, 
30 Trinity Road, 
Bootle, L20 3NJ.

Comments need to be in by 3rd March 2017.

Here are just a few reasons why destructive development of the woodland is not a good idea. Unwelcome development may potentially…
  • Destroy valuable wildlife habitat of birds, mammals, amphibians, etc, many of which are legally-protected;
  • Destroy native species of mature trees vital to human and wildlife good health;
  • Create additional gridlock and congestion;
  • Reduce current parking spaces for locals; 
  • Deprive children of a natural woodland play area  that’s been enjoyed by generations; 
  • Deprive residents of a quality of living standards, enjoyed for decades; 
  • Bring the Council and OVH's reputation into serious disrepute, regarding  blatant lack of concern for fragile biodiversity and residents' needs:
  • Disrupt local families via reduction of privacy etc;
  • Increase risk of accidents via increased traffic in such a small roadway; 
  • Devalue current properties to the financial detriment of local homeowners; 
  • Create additional structural subsidence of existing properties;
  • Create drainage problems;
  • Create potential pollution issues (i.e.outflows and tipping into local watercourse);
  • Increase strain on already overburdened utilities and services;
  • Lead to costly potential legal compensation claims against the Council and One Vision Housing (OVH), for various reasons of objection; 
These are just a few of the valid reasons already tabled concerning why wrecking the woodlands and congesting an already busy area is a very BAD idea. Sefton Council and OVH disregard them at their own risk!

Every single letter in defence of the Ainsdale woodland is appreciated. Please help via writing to the Council if you possibly can and consider including copies to local 'working' councillors (Haydn Preece and Lynne Thompson) as well.

Above: Ainsdale's working councillors, Haydn Preece and Lynne Thompson.

Our Southport countryside is precious and when it's gone, it's gone forever! People Power can (and does work);  all it needs is YOU! 

Remember, comments need to be in to the Council by 3rd March 2017. Get writing today!


Campaigners have made specific references to 8 metre boundaries regarding building works.

The Council have now admitted that although the 8m boundary is not related to the proximity of the neighbouring authority boundary, it is related to the proximity to the Brook, which passes along the site boundary. It is a requirement by the Environment Agency to ensure there is no built from within 8m of the brook. This is an important issue that is being reviewed in consultation with the Environment Agency. Water voles do use the brooks and ditches in the Ainsdale vicinity too and are legally-protected. A study carried out by the Mammal Society (1989-90) showed that the water vole had been lost in 94% of the sites where it had previously occurred this century.

Update 2

Our source responded to the Council saying:

“The Sandy Brook watercourse is the boundary line between Sefton and West Lancashire. Therefore the 8 metres applies and is measured from the centre of Sandy Brook. I'm not sure what the land measures from the brook to the channel edge of the road, but if memory is correct I don't think they'll have a lot of land to play with. Does the development allow for a footway on the proposed development side of George Drive and Elizabeth Avenue, I would have thought because of H&S issues they would have to put a footway in. Another avenue to explore is the increased volumes being introduced to the existing foul drain, you wouldn't want a development to go ahead if the thought of a sewer being overloaded, has this been investigated?”

Pat Regan © 

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Please sign the petition to help save the woods.



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