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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Southport Hospital A&E Unit under threat – updated!

The masterminds at the top want to close our Southport Hospital's A&E Unit. 

Some years ago they closed our children’s A&E and Maternity services and now adults are in their firing line for closure. This was the scene back in 2003 when an angry Southport took to the streets.

Above: Beleaguered hospital chiefs getting to grips with the significant amount of petitions presented, following the big Southport CARES march in 2003.

Dozens of accident and emergency units are facing closure or being downgraded in a far-reaching overhaul of urgent care which senior doctors warn would have “disastrous” consequences for the NHS. An analysis of documents drawn up to remodel the health service in England shows that 24 casualty units from Durham to Somerset have been marked for potential closure despite record demand for A&Es and serious overcrowding across the country as the NHS goes through its most severe winter crisis since records began. Last month produced the worst performance for A&E waits in 13 years. 

Full report of the ongoing threat to our hospital.

Above: CARES challenging Children's and Maternity hospital closures some years ago. 

Previously CARES  received 18,532 names on petitions which were presented to bosses from the NHS following a massive protest march (Sunday 17th August 2003) at Southport Hospital.

An estimated four thousand protesters took part in this historical march to show the Trust just how strong public disgust was against these highly unpopular and autocratic changes.

These petitions were presented to number 10 Downing Street by CARES on Thursday 19th February 2004.

Since 2003 CARES have arranged and attended many meeting and protests.

Cath Regan, CARES Co- Chair, said:

“If they close the Hospital's A&E then all the local hotels in the resort may as well close down. Southport will not be a safe place to be. This is especially so for the young and the elderly.  This appalling proposal would be a major nail in the coffin for Southport. We have not even got enough ambulances to cover what is currently available today and in emergencies time saves lives” 

This latest threat may be the final straw for Southport's back. Our political representatives must do more and press much harder against this authoritarian insanity now!

Please sign the 'Southport Says' Petition

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