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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sefton Council’s eco-hypocrisy highlighted regarding the needless destruction of Ainsdale woodland

Despite lip-service meetings between concerned residents and officials One Vision Housing (OVH), along with a development supportive Sefton Council is mobilising to destroy native woodlands in Ainsdale’s George Drive.

There are already enough urban sites in towns and cities for addition housing and destruction of natural habitats (and our wildlife) is totally necessary. This fact is supported by several Southport councillors too, yet some have not expressed themselves strongly enough. 

Draft plans for woodland destruction have already been drawn up and worried local people are getting very little help in challenging the growing spectre of wholesale ecological vandalism right on their doorstep.

No need whatsoever to build on our green belt land says Southport politician. 

One Southport Libdem councillor (Tony Dawson, who posted a comment about housing on another OTS News thread) indicated that  wanton destruction of our green spaces is unnecessary anyway.


How many more Southport councillors will have the courage to speak up for the green areas under threat, before it's too late? Perhaps our Southport MP can add his weight to this worthy fight as well? 

Nevertheless, will this terminally apathetic council (and OVH) actually start to listen to their own councillors about the local environment, or simply bulldoze ahead? Do these cold-hearted official bodies have no concern for nature (and the opinions of residents) at all? Do they not realise that the countryside is as essential to man as it is to wildlife?

The little George Drive woodland is home to many species of birds, amphibians and mammals (some protected species) along with various plants. Nevertheless, the insatiable authoritarian quest to build more and more houses and destroy our countryside continues. Profits of course count more to them than our countryside and the grey suits in their ivory towers  demand their fat - cat salaries and golden hand-shake pensions in due course. 


Another point worth mentioning is that shrewd, land-hungry, developers frequently flatten countryside because one wild spot may not be 'officially designated' as green belt. The wildlife that utilises a lush green area (previously earmarked by the grey suits for development) have no understanding about what man may call it, to them it's simply 'home'.

Almost as a secondary insult, Sefton Council proudly call for nominations regarding its Eco-Champion Awards in the community.


However, the reality is that such duplicity is evident when we consider the callous fashion in which they are now prepared to sit back, whilst OVH destroy our fragile Southport woodlands.

See also: Green belt myths - what you need to know  

Many people have already signed the petition to save the woods from OVH and Sefton Council – will you?

It's time to stop messing about and support the people who are fighting so hard against the land-wreckers to save our precious countryside. Our lovely woodlands, hillsides and green meadows are vanishing fast and it's all so  totally unnecessary.  

The public need to hear much more grit in the voices of our political representatives, because our threatened countryside needs urgent help right now. 

Speak up for it NOW or see it gone forever! The land is us and we are the land, it must be protected from this type of wanton eco-vandalism for future generations to come!

Sefton Council and One Vision Housing back off now and start to finally act with adult sensitivity and proper ecological responsibility today! You are FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for your actions, which shall be logged and reported for all to see! 

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