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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Smashed: Woodvale's dangerous Brook eyesore - the shame continues - UPDATED.

The derelict Brook building on the corner of Sandbrook Way is now threatening additional public danger, thanks to recent damage this weekend.

A makeshift tape barrier has been placed around a lamp post to warn pedestrians of broken glass that has fallen from the eyesore.

The broken window is however a serious concern due to loose and jagged pieces that may still fall to the ground at anytime.

Campaigners have warned for years of the dangers of leaving this ramshackle building in a growing state of disrepair. 

When will our Council finally wake up and take proper action?  

Authorities have been alerted.


14 November 2016 

Workmen arrived on the scene and secured the broken Brook window etc... 

Now on OTS News 

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