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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Speed Bumps wrecking our roads and costing us all in many ways. 

Speed bumps produce rising maintenance costs because the road surface before and after a bump may develop potholes following a period of time.

This results in increased upkeep. In addition to fully resurfacing the road it is often necessary to remove and replace the bumps. The sides of the bumps also wear out and eventually need repair. This all adds to the overall cost, which us taxpayer’s have to eventually fund.

Above: Ainsdale's Orchard Lane and a dangerous pothole that has developed on the edge of a speed bump. This type of damage is not only hazardous to drivers but also to pedestrians, motorcyclists  and bicycle riders.

Ainsdale's only working councillors, Haydn Preece and Lynne Thompson have been informed. 

Speed bumps can lead to expensive vehicle repairs, even at low speeds for thousands of ordinary motorists.

When will Sefton Council do the right and sensible thing and finally get rid of these crumbling, high cost, eyesores?

Many reasons exist why these eyesores are a waste of time and do more harm then good. This will be addressed at a later date.

Have you signed the petition to 'Dump the Bumps'?

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