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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Emergency response teams called in after discovery of sinister object on River Alt

A mystery object, discovered on 23 June 2016 in the River Alt estuary mud flats (Hightown, Liverpool), had the experts baffled.

Ex-coast guard officer, Paul Harrison, examined photos of the object. He was not 100% sure of its identity. 

Ex-coastguard officer, Paul Harrison, who now runs Seavoice Training:

Police were also unable to identify the object.

Shortly after this the police along with fire, search and rescue, were joined by a bomb expert at the estuary scene due to the suspicious nature of the unknown device.

The identity of the sinister looking ‘thing’ still remained a mystery as it became clear that a very close inspection was needed to give an answer. 

An explosives expert braved the dangerous mud to reach the object. Police officers moved members of the public back to a safe distance.

Thankfully, the object was finally identified as an old buoy trapped in an upright position in the mud.

During WW2 the Luftwaffe dropped thousands of bombs on Liverpool. Many unexplored Nazi bombs have been discovered since that time. 

Tons of rubble from bombed out properties in Liverpool still rests on the banks of the Alt estuary. 

Better ‘safe than sorry’ said the police. Panic over! 

Pat Regan © 

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