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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Ainsdale’s Green Gem

Ainsdale's Greenbelt forms a home for a plethora of wildlife and is a wonderful place to visit in all seasons.

It’s well worth protecting from the absurdity of ignorant political goons, farce-ridden council ideals and greedy development profiteers. 

Amazing biodiversity exists on the greenbelt.

The appropriately named Speckled Wood flies in moderately shaded woodland with stippled sunlight.

Males typically perch in a small pool of sunshine. From such spots they rise quickly to divert any trespasser. Both sexes feed on honeydew in the tree tops. They are seldom seen feeding on flowers, except early and later on in the year when aphid activity is low.

Birds like the Reed Bunting and Stonechat love to find food and shelter in the prickly outcrops of Sea Buckthorn.

Ill-considered attempts to remove this bush only harm lovely birds such as these.

Brambles are also essential to many species of bird for shelter, food and nesting. Removing them to make areas look 'pretty' is the mark of ecological foolishness and ignorance.

Butterfly Conservation.

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