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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

That first 'special' trout on the fly 

The smile that says it all...

Forget the TV and PC games.

Get the kids back to nature and do some angling... 

Jason, who has ASD, had trained hard to get the standard of his casting up to speed, so now was the time to put it all to the test.

Within about 20 minutes he was blasting out his fly line on an old Lancashire lake, using a vintage Milbro fly rod that had stood the test of time.

His first trout was played for about five minutes before escaping.

Success at last

Undaunted, the lad fished on and was soon rewarded with a lovely three pound rainbow. 

I think I was more terrified than him that this one would get away too, but he played the fish well and won. 

We shared the one rod and I caught a trout of similar size.

Jason also had his first perch on the fly too.

A great little trip that we shall never forget. 

Pupil and teacher - a happy day ... 

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