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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Our countryside – some of us 'do' care about it

Is our declining countryside worth saving from the bulldozer; does anyone 'really' care about the wonderful wildlife that dwells here? 

Our vital green spaces are quickly disappearing thanks to multi-million pound deals and official apathy that leave no room for our native wildlife.  Money talks and wildlife either dies or gets misplaced! 

This is an unpardonable on-going ‘crime against nature’ and the authorities have apparently given the green light to this eco-destruction everywhere without a genuine thought for the environment. 

The few uncompromising eco-warriors that do stand up to be counted are of course targeted for the ‘treatment’ by shrewd politicians, greedy developers and their supportive ‘Yes Men’ cronies in every town. 

What sort of message does this reckless attitude to the environment send to our trusting children, the next generation? What are we set to leave them except miles of metal, concrete and glass? 

Some of us do actually care for the fabulous countryside and its wild inhabitants. On that score alone we are… ‘Guilty as charged’! 

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  1. great blog pat highlighting something we should all be concerned about but many turn a blind eye to it.