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Friday, 22 April 2016


UKIP's typically vocal Paul Nuttall was recently reported in OTS News announcing that St George’s Day should be declared a Bank Holiday,

Fair enough you may say. Nevertheless, others will claim this to be just one more transparent way to drum up additional political support, prior to the elections.

What else resides behind this man’s past conduct?


Nuttall seems quite happy for us to take time off work for this Christian – inspired festival yet he had ‘other’ opinions a while back when people of a different spiritual makeup asked for similar.

So why are we experiencing such ‘selective political’ engineering from this man today?

OK, start a new political gathering; wave your fists about and shout a lot then grab a swift bit of bigoted support, via attacking the nearest spiritual minority! 

Remember Germany in the 1930s, sound familiar? Hitler was also expert at drumming up support based of his 'Christian' values.

Southport - based author, Pat Regan, tackled Nuttall, a while back following his uncalled for attack on the UK Pagan minority. 

The Southport media covered this story, as below...

19 May 2010

The region's Pagan community has reacted with uproar this week after a political party branded moves to let police officers celebrate their festivals as “madness”.

Pat Regan, founder of the Pagan Anti-Defamation Network, told The Champion on Monday, May 17, 2010, that a statement sent out by the UK Independence Party describing a ruling allowing Pagan police officers in Lancashire and Merseyside to take time off to commemorate their festivals as “politically correct madness” was offensive, and called for UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall to resign.

“I was saddened, shocked and appalled at recent comments made against the UK's Pagan minority by Paul Nuttall, MEP for the UK Independence Party. This type of negative diatribe against an innocent spiritual minority may in fact breach UK laws relating to Incitement to Religious Hatred. He may also be in breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and in particular articles 18 and 19. If Mr Nuttall values his own freedom of expression then he should be prepared to extend this essential liberty to others,” he said.

“Nuttall's disgraceful language belongs to a radical 1930s Germany and not a free and democratic UK 21st century society. I fully intend to expose and complain about Mr Nuttall's blatant ignorance and apparent bigotry, which may affect many ordinary Pagan families in society. After Pagans who will Mr Nuttall single out next?”

The comments come after the Pagan Police Association has just been officially recognised as a 'diversity staff support organisation' by the Home Office, allowing Pagan police officers to take time off. Mr Nuttall, who stood as UKIP's parliamentary candidate in Bootle at the general election, said in a statement issued to The Champion last weekend that Pagans had “unabashed sexuality and promiscuity”.

“These pagan festivals include believers behaving with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity', casting spells and dancing around naked,” he said. “It is politically correct madness of high order for the Home Office to give this approval. Everyone is entitled to their own religious belief and if they want to use their holiday entitlement to be off for their festivals that's fine but it should not be a legal right.”

Lancashire Constabulary said it recognised the Home Office decision, saying: “Lancashire Constabulary recognises that in order to effectively deliver policing services, the make-up of our staff needs to be fully representative of the communities we police and that religious needs and beliefs should where possible be accommodated in order to satisfy individual requirements.”

Drumming up revulsion against any spiritual minority is unacceptable in any fair-minded society. Pagans today remain as the folk who generally follow the 'native (not imported), earth-orientated, spirituality' of our British ancestors.

Intolerance kills

We have already seen the worrying extremism from this party in Southport when their main man called for others who failed to agree with UKIP policy to be 'hung'! 

Do we really wish to turn back the clock to the insanity of such persecution as we previously saw in Germany? Many may say, "so what, who cares that does not involve me".

But many said the same in Germany when the Jews etc, were being murdered and look how all that escalated...

So after UKIP rids society of its political dissenters, who they perceive as "traitors", and religious minorities, who they see as expendable, what faction will be 'next' on their hit list? Sound at all familiar, it should, and history has been known to repeat itself!

 Waving a finger about and shouting a lot does 'not' make one right!

Prejudice based on silliness, unawareness and any sort of political pampering to public mob-mentality is unacceptable and must always be challenged by everyone who values their freedom of belief and expression!

Sadly, some may not have heard about the concept of ‘freedom of opinion’, yet  it is enshrined within article 19 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Does anyone really fall for such obvious political spin? 

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