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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Internal frustrations now starting to show

Hartill – a few reasons behind his flight from politics

Ainsdale councillor, Ted Hartill, has now decided that being a councillor is not really his cup of tea. He’s is resigning as councillor in his Ainsdale ward and will not be standing at the next election. Nevertheless, since announcing his retirement he’s decided to thrown a few eggs at other people in public.

A Southport news site reported (14/3/2016) that Hartill had used Facebook to 'tell the world' that he disagreed with Cameron over leaving the EU and that he also agreed with the LibDems on leaving Sefton. The same news item also underlined the fact that Cllr Terry Jones (Hartill’s Tory chief) had attacked Hartill for wanting “mass publicity”

For some outlandish reason the overly sensitive Ted Hartill went on to attack "Mr Regan" and others who were 'not' even mentioned within this revealing article. 

This was what Hartill's bewildering yet amusing diatribe... 

Many authentic articles have been presented on various  news sites etc about Cllr Hartill’s debatable conduct. They have always been backed up with truthful evidence, and never challenged. They have remained online ‘because’ they are so truthful and he of course ‘knows’ it. They have always been ignored – that was until Hartill announced his resignation. 

What Hartill curiously entitled “utter drivel” is forthright and enlightening data that can (and will) be reinforced in any way that is thought necessary, should the occasion arise.  Now why “Dawson” (presumably Cllr Tony Dawson) is mentioned by Ted Hartill within his negligible text is a bit of a mystery. 

Was his this juvenile quip just thrown in, for good effect, to gain political support? If it was it failed at the first hurdle. 

Apparent naivety over “close friends” may also be a noteworthy point when we see how Hartill’s purportedly close friend, Jones, told others about his “mass publicity” efforts,  regarding the Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) etc. It seems that Jones was not very chuffed that the "papers were catching on" to Hartill's "self publicity". That‘s not really so surprising as rushing about in ‘Gung-ho’ fashion may seem like a good idea to some, yet in politics it tends to be frowned upon.

Hartill goes to some lengths to tell readers that at "no stage has the party told me how I can think." However, possibly the less than amicable clandestine knocks  by Jones about his colleagues love of "self publicity" may indicate that he was chastised by the Conservatives for such self-centred conduct?

Whatever the real reasons for Hartill's approaching disappearance from local politics may be, we can see that ‘in-house’ party tensions were under the surface before.

Again, on another news site Ted Hartill revealed his growing internal angst with this unprofessional tirade against a Ainsdale Resident…

Judging by his overtly emotive rants, it seems that the reverse is the case as Hartill now appears  to be going out of his way to target others online who he dislikes.

Pat Regan has in fact only one honest feeling over Cllr Ted Hartill and that is 'deep disappointment’. 

Pat stated.

“Ted Hartill can blame no one but himself for the way things have turned out. His original team of loyal WWP volunteers (us guys) went out of their way for 9 months to make his (self - promotional) project work and he fully knows it. Our prime agenda was always to help the community and wildlife, yet he was (as we later discovered) more interesting in being seen as a 'Good councillor Ted'. Hartill even admitted that he could not have got the project off the ground without us. Has he conveniently forgotten to tell others that bit? We were quite shocked that he spat the dummy when awkward questions were tabled about his charity. He has acted like a spoiled schoolboy since then, in our estimation. We even offered to work at different times (when he was not on site) to him to keep the peace (and the project running) but he wanted it all for himself, along with the political brownie points that went with the territory." 

"What we do not “like” is not him but the appalling way he treated good honest volunteers who had made the project so successful originally. Month after month he would be away in Spain and left us alone to manage the WWP. Once he even left us alone with some Community service, youth offenders who were helping in the woods as punishment duty. Hartill later apologised for doing this. When we reasonably asked about the insurance cover over power tools, health and safety, his use of ring-fenced (chippy dinners) funding, accounts etc the problems really started. Whistle blowers made the crime of asking tricky questions and so we apparently became a political threat. Soon after, Sefton’s appalling council made the stupid and grossly unfair decision to ban us if we would not continue to work under the reckless Hartill regime. We feel that the council have remained silent ever since because this entire fiasco exposes their blatant  errors / inadequacies regarding volunteers and as the  trusting land owner / funder. 

"Two other helpful councillors asked awkward questions, Preece and Crabtree, and they were also apparently treated unfairly. Cllr Crabtree was given such a rough ride after defending the WWP whistle blowers that in the end he told the Tories what they could do with their select group and resigned. The truth will continue to come out and the frightened little people involved cannot hide under stones forever. It is a question of justice and truth and nothing more! "If Ted Hartill is really so insecure that he wants people to "like" him and be truly accepted then I suggest he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Attacking honest whistle blowers/residents online and treating them like dirt is NOT a successful way to win any admirers." 

Giving freely to public service should never be about self-aggrandisement and glowing “self publicity” but for the greater good - the community as a whole. Some folk apparently never really learn this valuable lesson.

More on the apparent reasons behind Hartill's frustration...

So, how else does Cllr Hartill perform  as a ward councillor in public? Well here is another small yet enlightening example... 

Has such questionable conduct by a councillor been brought to the eyes and ears of Tory HQ before? Do the Southport public have a right to know what their well-paid political representatives get up to, or is it best to bury the facts, keep us all in the dark and pretend everything is rosy?  

Time after time the Southport newspapers have been made fully aware of this appalling situation, yet they have amazingly chosen to ignore the matter completely. How long will they keep their heads in the sand?

Media censorship (or is it fear?) of the facts is highly questionable and not an logical option in any truly free and democratic society. A gagged press is the first sign of internal corruption within any society!

In these times of confusion and terrorism we need strong leaders with true guts, not timid politicians who are frightened of their own ward constituents. 

People with real guts speak out loudly when exposing the truth, yet others continue to hide under stones!

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