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Friday, 12 February 2016

Woodvale development plan falls through - so what next?

February update

The long-awaited Sandbrook Way Development Plan has apparently collapsed, according to Southport press reports. This news has reportedly left both the town’s MP and Council frustrated at the lack of progress.

The old Brook building is dangerous and especially in high winds. Therefore, who will be legally accountable when someone gets hit on the head by flying planks etc in a storm? Will it take a tragedy before officials finally pull their fingers out and get the slums sorted out, once and for all?

It cannot be left like this whilst officials argue the toss over the problems of development.

The situation is critical for some residents and has been for a long time

OTS News posted the following…

'Shoreline Housing located Mr Alan Wiles, wife and daughter in one of the old shops on Sandbrook Way, Ainsdale. Shoreline Housing currently care for over 200 tenants in the Southport. Shoreline housing state that it will provide support to all its tenants, but some need more hands on work than others. In Mr Alan Wiles case, Shoreline Housing will not do anything about the dangerously poor living conditions of this two bedroom flat.'

Hidden agendas are the ones that create the most damage in many communities! 

It's 'Not acceptable to waste your taxes,' cried  Ainsdale’s belligerent Tories (in their infantile March 2015, propaganda sheet) after Woodvale  residents put forward sensible proposals to improve the Sandbrook Way area with ‘movable’ (not static) planters etc.  

Many residents however suspected at that time that the blinkered Tory refusal was not really about funding but because the proposals were NOT THEIR IDEA and that they had come from hard-campaigning residents, which the Ainsdale Tories were at loggerheads with over other issues.

Reading between the lines, one may be forgiven for asking why things are never quite as they seem with the two largely invisible Tory councillors, Hartill and Jones. 

Some of us have also called for the Sandbrook Way area to be utilised for improved health facilities both for our children and those in need of dementia care. Please sign our petition…

Cllr Haydn Preece, who has been working consistently on the state of the area and rehousing residents and businesses, believes that the idea, "Is a wonderful proposal."

Naturally, such proposals to help the Ainsdale community would not interest our dismal Conservative politicians who never supported our hard fight to save the Brookdale Dementia Care Centre, even though it was in their own ward.

A local Brookdale campaigner stated at the time.

“We have had really good support during this hard battle from Labour and the Libdem people. They have been visiting the place regularly and seeing what they can do to help, yet Conservative councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill, have been totally invisible and never came anywhere near the fight. It has been stated that they are, ‘Dementia – unfriendly’ and in this instance this is a true fact. In the end we won the fight so these two Tories were not even needed, but it would have been nice to know they actually had some compassion for the families suffering under the axe of closure. They let us all down badly.”

Some politicians appear to care about their community, whilst others clearly do not! 

Woodvale, in Ainsdale Southport, remains as one classic example of this truth!  
What exactly do we pay them for and why do residents permit this insanity to continue? 

Thankfully, the Brookdale battle was won but with no help from these councillors, Hartill and Jones. 

So we are currently stuck in Woodvale with two distant Tory councillors. And one LibDem councillor who is apparently blocked from any helpful community-beneficial advancement by these two self-seeking politicians, at each and every turn. HOW DOES THIS DUMMY-SPITTING EVER HELP THE LOCAL COMMUNITY?

These Tory councillors are as easy to access as Scotch mist and appear to have made an art of being invisible to residential needs. These days they appear to rely largely upon 'Eager to please' / Yes Men candidates to do their bidding; plus of course the odd 'anonymous' (gutless) internet troll that backs their every move! 

OTS News has previously exposed the laughable offering of Tory candidates that residents are apparently expected to 'depend' upon... 

Needless to say, all but one of these 'candidates' were elected after this revealing video.. 

Ainsdale's Conservative answer to Laurel and Hardy  have made stupid mistake after mistake and these blatant errors have been well reported online over the previous couple of years. 

One may reasonably ask, has their questionable behaviour effectively trashed the previous hard work of others 'before' them?  

Rest assured, none of this goes unnoticed.  

Oddly, the local  newspapers will not dare report the provable truth behind the Woodvale debacle (but why?) and continue to keep Southport residents in the darkness of censored ignorance so readers have to find the facts elsewhere.


Then again, we have the on-going fiasco of one Conservative councillor (Ted Hartill) who made a community circus act out of the highly valuable Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP).

Some adults can admit when they are wrong, whilst others regrettably never can. 

Hartill in fact blatantly admitted that he was using aspects of the Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA) – engineered project to be seen as a, “Good Councillor Ted”…

Tory Group Leader, Cllr Terry Jones, was politely asked to intercede for the benefit of all parties concerned when this situation originally blew up in 2013. Jones however made timorous excuses ‘not’ to get involved and ended up unwisely backing his Tory councillor chum ‘against’ local resident volunteer whistle-blowers.

Making the wrong judgments does seem to be a skill that some are most proficient at and this is a classic example. 

Jones could have easily sorted the issue out in 'adult fashion' but instead he effectively fueled additional discontent by his apathetic conduct. 

In fact such was the ambiguous and unhelpful mannerism of this politician that he later went on to unwisely threaten whistle-blowers with legal action

His silly threat was however sent packing with a suitable response and he vanished once again... 

Most certainly an 'ongoing' issue to watch …

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