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Friday, 5 February 2016

Kentucky Fried Giblets? 

A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) customer discovers a bird lung in his meal. 

Mr Nicholls, from Australia’s Gold Coast, had gone to KFC on his day off and ordered a three-piece box, containing two wings and a chicken breast. 

He was horrified to find the giblets in his meal and spat the rest out. 

Russian roulette with your health? I look on in total disbelief at the lines of cars impatiently waiting to be served with this factory-farmed crap. The more you research it the more disbelief you access at what folks are willing to be involved in to stuff their faces. Still, in the misery of war time beleaguered populations feasted on dead rats, mice, dogs and horses so..?

NB. I have never visited the new KFC Southport outlet, so I cannot say what the standards are like today.

Closer to home a  woman has told of her disgust after she bit into what she thought was chicken at a KFC branch in Wellingborough - only to find what appeared to be giblets.

Some years ago I too had unsavory experiences and found various bird giblets in KFC meals. Most seemed to be parts of bird glands and assorted organs. It was in fact quite a regular experience back then with several cooked chicken outlets in and around the Southport town centre region doing similar.

I do however recall that I did sometimes feel sick after eating fast-food chicken outlet meals for some reason. 

Could there be a link to the following? 

The Worst Restaurant Of The Year Award Goes To Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken is perhaps the only restaurant chain that will keep an employee who urinates in the food, as in the case of worker Casey Diedrich of Omaha, Nebraska. The toxic canola oil fumes provide yet another reason to avoid KFC altogether. KFC has long been known as an unhealthy place to eat, but most assume that its most unhealthy attribute is the frying. Unfortunately, this is far from the case.


And apart from concern for customers' heath, does anyone ever spare of kind thought for the 'real' victims behind this intensive,  factory-farmed,  eco-atrocity? 

Horrific facts behind your tasty meal? 

A free 'Caterpillar' with your  KFC corn? 

Feed yourself and stay healthier ... 

Ah this article must have been written by some smug, vegan fundamentalist I hear them cry...

Eh well NO, wrong!  I am quite willing to kill an odd fish on occasion to feed myself and my family. What I object to is the dubious methods behind these intensive fast-food outlets. 

Trusting others to prepare your food in such an intensive and profit-related fashion is often fraught with risk. That was one reason why I, as an angler, decided to rely of my own abilities and take up a pescatarian diet involving eating fish that I catch, kill and prepare myself. 

Whatever they serve and do at these questionable fast-food joints, I know ONE guy who will not be frequenting such establishments! 

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