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Friday, 7 August 2015

Woodvale residents living in disgusting conditions under Partner of Christian housing outreach

Residents at Woodvale in Southport are facing a living nightmare in appalling and unhygienic conditions in flats run by Shoreline Housing – a Partner of Green Pastures, Fundamentalist Christian Outreach group

OTS News posted the following…

'Shoreline Housing located Mr Alan Wiles, wife and daughter in one of the old shops on Sandbrook Way, Ainsdale. Shoreline Housing currently care for over 200 tenants in the Southport. Shoreline housing state that it will provide support to all its tenants, but some need more hands on work than others. In Mr Alan Wiles case, Shoreline Housing will not do anything about the dangerously poor living conditions of this two bedroom flat.'

Above:  this is yet ‘another’ flat on Sandbrook Way that is in bad state of repair with fungi-ridden walls.

Shoreline Housing is linked (Partner) to Green Pastures, a Christian outreach

They stated on their own site….

‘Shoreline Housing is where Green Pastures started. Based out of Shoreline Church, it is where the majority of Green Pastures' national staff are based and it its still in many ways the hub of all Green Pastures work. Shoreline Housing currently care for over 200 tenants in the town and in 2006, 7 years after it had started, Shoreline Housing celebrated ending rooflessness in Southport. The make up of tenants is diverse and they have a wide variety of support needs. Shoreline housing provides support to all its tenants, but some need more hands on work than others. All the tenants are welcomed into the community at Shoreline Church to help them reengage with society.’

How interesting that a housing association that is linked to a fundamentalist Church group is apparently leaving residents in such terrible conditions as this.

This remark is fascinating…

“All the tenants are welcomed into the community at Shoreline Church to help them reengage with society.

It will be hard for tenants to “reengage” with ANYTHING due to their health suffering, thanks to the filthy conditions they have to tolerate in the flats in question.

Green pastures state (grammatical errors left intact)…

‘Today we have partners all over the UK who are housing hundress of formerly homeless people. We have seen some amazing changes in people just because we have been able to give them a key to their own home. Alcoholics are now free from their alcohol addiction; drug addicts are now free from their drug addiction; unemployed young people with life skills problems are now working. Mothers who had been brutally beaten are now housed with their children in secure accommodation; people with mental health problems are housed and cared for. But most wonderful of all is the number of people who have come to Christ, not through our preaching of the Gospel, but by our doing the Gospel. We dream of homelessness ending in the UK. Through our partners we aim to be housing 1,000 people by 2015 and we dream of every church in the UK having one house to house the homeless. That would mean an additional 100,000 people would be housed and cared for.’

Perhaps this Christian outreach would do better to address the properties currently in such derelict states as Sandbrook Way rather than create any new eyesores. Placing residents in such filthy dwellings is intolerable.

Rubbish left to rot behind the flats remains largely unmoved by the council as well.

 Local proposals by residents to improve the precinct have also been ‘blocked’ on a regular basis by current Ainsdale Tory councillors.

So, are funds available to address the problems?

£2.1m loan boost for homeless charity
29th May 2015

'A NATIONAL charity headquartered in Southport has invested in new properties to house former homeless people and is creating five jobs, following a £2.1m loan.Green Pastures on Union Street was launched in 1999 by Pastor Pete Cunningham, his son Andrew and business partner, Vicki Woodley, with the aim of providing safe and secure housing for homeless people across the area.'

Apathy verses Action ... 

The current situation is less than unacceptable and has been for a very long time. 

Basically we have two groups. One wishes to see the place improved fast – the other wishes to do nothing!

It’s a total disgrace!

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