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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Southport's Shame continues

Fly Tipping in Woodvale 

Yesterday, (20 July 2015) residents were appalled to see significant fly-tipping in the Sandbrook Way area. 

However, a day later they noticed that the tipping had substantially increased.

Some of us have sought to get more official attention for the place to improve things for residents.

Elderly and blind people walk along this way, so it does not take a genius to see how they could fall over these unsightly obstructions. 

They are not helped by blocks from lazy local councillors who were obviously frustrated because proposals put forward were 'not' their idea.

The lesson remains that if apathetic authorities and useless councillors allow an area to sink into decay then some people will misuse it as a dumping ground.

Authorities have been alerted - as usual! 

Latest update: 21 July 2015 ...

Cllr Haydn Preece was informed, he contacted the council and now the mess is cleaned up...

Update 23 July 2015

This morning more materials were dumpted in the same place

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