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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Friends of Brookdale
June 2015 update

A meeting was held by the Friends of Brookdale group yesterday (23.6.15) with Cllr Paul Cummins; also in attendance was Marcus Roberts from Sefton. Many questions were raised by the carers present.
 Cllr Cummins confirmed that money was available for the improvements needed, such as car park resurfacing and structural improvements. He stated that the council had a commitment to carers’ involvement in any changes/improvements and that we would work together on this.

 Carers stated that concerns over referrals were slow to come through and that some professional agencies were not telling people in need about the service offered by Brookdale. Road signage was required and marketing was needed to ensure this essential service was easily found by people.
 Cllr Cummins listened and promised to look into the problems faced. 
 It was stated that in order to develop Brookdale to ensure the delivery of care stays excellent, Sefton needed to look into training needs, physical structure and referral rates.
 Friends of Brookdale are continuing to work behind the scenes with professionals in order that this much needed service continues to flourish.

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