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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Southport Conservatives and their Parliamentary Candidate - with no name!

The ‘Man with No Name’ (from Preston) rolls into little ol' Southport town.

Another clanger! 


Ainsdale’s Conservative leader, Cllr Terry Jones, has confused voters yet again with his latest election broadsheet flop.

Many Ainsdale home owners are wondering why the Southport Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has NO name. 

Lots of promises to make Southport better are included on this bizarre sheet but no one actually knows WHO the Tory candidate actually is; because Jones appears to have foolishly forgotten to include his name, whoops!

The only place where his name appears is within microscopic print on the 'promoted by' text at the extreme foot of the page.

The other side of the Tory sheet was even ‘worse’ with poorly constructed and grammatically – challenged nonsense flowing through the text.

The literature was full of basic errors with lack of apostrophes, commas, full stops and missing capitals in words, etc. Most comically, Jones had also spelt the name of his political colleague’s address wrong and stated “Moore lane” when he should have correctly written, ‘Moor Lane’.

Moreover, he had also written “Bridge inn community farm”, instead of ‘Bridge Inn Community Farm’.

Some guys, like Scott here, know the score and also know how to spell Moor Lane, unlike leading Tory politicians in Ainsdale. 

Such blatant disregard for accuracy has become typical of this politician’s electoral literature.  

Nevertheless, Tory leader Terry Jones and the ‘Man with no name’ will be asking for your votes soon, so they can continue along the same road next week.

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