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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


A Southport Tory election leaflet fielded by councillors, Ted Hartill, Damien Moore and Terry (group leader) Jones has given many devoted Conservative voters understandable cause for concern.

The Conservative flyer was riddled with basic grammatical errors and inaccuracies. Furthermore, misleading/inaccurate Tory claims over Cherry Road was dealt with earlier. See this link.

Back to school for Ainsdale's fruitless political duo and their equally ineffective promoters!

We can all make mistakes, yet an important election sheet that hopes to gain our trust has to be perfect!

I only glanced down this sheet and was almost lost for words. These duffers apparently expect us to vote for them. A ten-year-old school child could have made a better job of this absurd leaflet than these bungling councillors. How do they ever expect to be taken seriously when they insult our intelligence like this?

This was just one side of the Tory sheet. The other side was almost as bad.

Admittedly, we all make mistakes at times. However, a vital election data sheet must be bulletproof.

If we are unable to make sense of what they are trying to say then how can they expect any support?

NB. This substandard Conservative literature was promoted by Jamie Halsall on behalf of Terry Jones and also promoted by Jackie Glover on behalf of Damien Moore.

I should also add that this sheet was given to me by a friend from another part of the ward, as we rarely see any Tory leaflets around here. After viewing this appalling electoral sheet I am not surprised that they habitually 'avoid' voters.

Most knowledgeable residents also realise that Ainsdale's current Tory councillors 'only' achieved their existing positions due to their previous beneficial connections to a successful local councillor, who has since retired.

How times change!

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